12 May

Do you really need SEO Services?


Ranking on top across search engines is not important unless it contributes to such valuable metrics as sales, traffic, leads and profits. It is possible to rank on top without attracting any traffic. It also is possible to get a lot of traffic that does not lead to sales. The issue is compounded by a scenario where a lot of sales do not lead to profit. Where is the mistake then?

Too much focus on ranking has taken focus away from the most important issues. Every business is looking for the most cost effective path towards greater profitability. The idea therefore is to work from the current profit backwards.

Conversion rate
By evaluating the sales process, you will identify the entry point for most leads. Alongside this is the most profitable product. These are the anchors that will drive your profits. These products and processes should therefore inform your SEO strategy. The aim is to capture the attention of anyone viewing your site on search engines or landing pages. By selecting the best SEO company USA, you will enjoy the advantage of such packages as Conversion Rate Optimization.

My Key Words
Traditionally, SEO focused on few ‘golden keywords’ in each area. This remains the key to top ranking on all search engines but contributes to less than 10% of your web traffic. This has led to the emergence of longer phrases that are more specific. This means that you require secondary keywords to boost traffic to your site from search engines.

High quality content
Content is not for search engines but for your readers. This is why quality is emphasized. It is the value in the content that will enable readers to share it on social media or email to friends. Meeting the expectations of your visitors in terms of content gives credibility to your site such that visitors can return.

The Price
To get results from SEO related campaigns it is a must that you spend. This enables your marketers to run niche, highly focused and local SEO campaigns that will bring returns. You will be required to spend in excess of 2000 dollars a month go get good results. Do not be over expectant that SEO will turn round your business in three months. You will require a long term strategy, investment and consistent effort.

What do I do Next?
The solution lies in evaluating your marketing strategy. Engage professionals who deliver value for money. If you do not have the resources to run a fully fledged SEO related campaign, check online and find tricks on how to run such a campaign through your internal department.

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June 9, 2016 Reply

Thanks for the post.

Edmonton Web Design
November 2, 2016 Reply

An ad in a local paper and mailers sent out to areas businesses are tried and true ways to bring in leads. In the age of social media, the right print advertising still works. Even Google sends out mailers on a weekly basis.

swaartlaar lehlokwana
January 30, 2018 Reply

I need it please

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