01 Feb

Top 5 Examples of Killer Landing Page Examples

Since 2016, mobile traffic has outshined desktop traffic. As more traffic keeps pouring in having a good landing page has become even more important. This does not mean having a landing page which is mobile friendly. It means creating a landing page which is meant for mobile users rather than an afterthought of a desktop page. Let us see the best landing pages below. 



The goal of a landing page is simple. Getting the users to convert what you have for them to sell. But getting someone to sign in to your form is not simple. One needs to test the CTA buttons for months in order get the conversion moving.

Mobile users get distracted easily. On an average, a mobile user spends at least 5 hours on the mobile. 



This platform is a CRM and marketing automation solution for SME companies. The landing page of Infusionsoft offer clear benefit for the site visitor. The design is clean and consistent in branding with proper use of graphics. All these things contribute to the user experience and trust during the building process. 



No matter what the goal of your campaign is a great landing page needs to push your visitor to take specific action. The most eye-catching here are the CTA which are both eye grabbing and offers amazing copy.

So why are they so great?

Amazing color contrast for the background and the CTA and the button pops out against the background. The other elements of the page create an impression of pointing at the button. The main value and sub-headlines size correspond with the CTA button. Everything is placed strategically. 



The human span is for over 8 seconds and it takes 50 mili seconds for the brain to come to judgment. This is how long it takes for the brain to take it or leave it. This is how we can scan the websites for the most relevant information. The design of Mint makes great use of whitespace making the value proposition and the registration box so appealing to the visitors.



This platform is ideal for those who are budget conscious and looking to avoid monthly payment commitments. It is designed to work exclusively with Word Press, but if you are building a site on the platform it is a great choice. The features are quite extensive which makes it a great option for those creating website with paid subscriptions.

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