24 Apr

7 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Black Panther’

The last action-packed movie before the most awaited Avengers ‘Infinity Wars’ was the so-called ‘grown-up’ movie we waited for. We have all read and some of us implemented from the mistakes others made. On Google, when one types leadership, there are over 379 million results. The number alone shows how important leadership has become.

As I proudly join others who helped the Black Panther break $387 million in sales, I immediately identified the leadership moments implanted in the storyline. As there are many layers of lessons one can use to develop a high-performing team below are 7.

  1. Bring a Change – One of the most admirable traits one sees here is to bring a headlong change from a dangerous situation against all odds with a smile. He has no fear and is willing to sacrifice for his followers and the people he cares about.
  2. ProtectorsThe Black Panther was a protector of the Wakandan people. He always stood for their safety and protection. He made his people safe and secured. Leaders are supposed to be protectors. They should ensure that their teams are taken care of and have what they need to get their jobs done.
  3. Leaders always confront evil – As a leader, you have the responsibility to confront evil as it is happening and take appropriate action. Never be afraid to stand for what’s right.
  4. Great leaders offer grace – T’Challa (Black Panther) offered to yield many times to M’Baku until he did. T’Challa had a choice either to end M’Baku’s life or save him. In a similar way, one will always have a choice to make with your team members who made a mistake. It is upon you to decide what is right.
  5. Maximize team power – No one can acquire success on their own. It is important for the leaders to understand the talents, gifts, and skills of others to build a good team. In addition, one must always look at how to maximize team efforts and not put them down. Here, Black Panther recognized the important and helped Wakanda move forward and reclaimed his respect and the throne.
  6. Good leaders are never selfish – The Heart shaped herb allowed a person to visit the ancestors and give them powers of the Black Panther. Killmonger, due to his lust for power ordered to destroy the field where the herb had grown. He wanted no one else to get the power. In real life, people ruin themselves for the desire of power.
  7. Liking a person does not define you as a good leader – Often we are caught up in our feelings and take things personally leading to poor decision making. This is not an indication of a good leader and it only hurts the team and the work overall. The work we do should leave a legacy behind and for the greater good.

Leadership is all about how well one can influence people and treat others. ‘It is not about you’! The sooner one gets over it one can acquire success and reach more hearts and people.

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