22 May

Google Removes Anonymous Reviews

Google My Business is not considering anonymous reviews and have stopped counting them as a review for the overall business rating. Two individuals noticed that anonymous reviews have been removed from a tweet on May 24th but still visible when user sees the reviews.

This is an interesting move by Google which brings it in line with other review sites online. TripAdvisor and Yelp are the only two other websites which allows only registered users to submit their reviews.

Many argue that this is a smart move on Google’s part since anonymous reviews were usually devastating. This was usually because the user’s name was not attached to the comments.

Allowing only registered users will result in honest reviews. From the business perspective, the business will know who have left the review. If a regular customer leaves a bad review then it gives business a chance to improve things.


Additional Tip: How to remove Fake reviews and what to do?

Respond to the review

Since you cannot remove the review immediately, one should respond to them. If the review is fake, one cannot end up resolving the issue. Hence, it will be clear to other customers and it will only increase your credibility.

Flag the review

You can identify the Google regarding the review and flag it.

Contact Google Support

If you have a specific question regarding the policy then on can seek advice from the community members. However, one can even search for a previous question of yours for a solution.

How to grow your business online?

Keep monitoring your business online by setting up Google Alerts. Add the keywords and you are good to go. However, you do not have to review your alerts everyday but schedule a small block of time once a week to stay on top of the things.

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