07 Jun

See how Google has changed the Terms of Services

For businesses, this means that when you are encouraging all the customers to leave reviews online all potential reviews are funnelled through the same review.

If you use review platform the email template the email template will need to be updated to reflect the guidelines and not redirect the customers which have negative reviews to a private feedback form.

Until now many people thought that Google My Business took reviews from ex-employees as a violation. This assumption was based on the following two points:

  1. Make sure that the reviews left on your business listing are those that leave at a business you are invited are honest representations of the customer experience. Those that aren’t may get removed. This is like the golden rule of Google which is why company removes peer reviews which you got your friends to write about you.
  2. The reviews are most valuable when they are unbiased and honest. If you own or work at a place please do not review.

Many people still wonder about this term used in the policy of Google. If an employee writes a review about the company who currently do not work there, Google will remove them.


But with the recent updations made in December 2017, Google will not be removing the reviews. The new guidelines are in the help center. In addition, posting negative content about a former employer is not allowed.

In 2017, we have seen the hotel reviews being doubled 2017 posted by travellers who also posted hotel reviews. In real estate, properties received an average response rate of 37 reviews per month.

Hoteliers in Latin America and the Asia Pacific have the highest response rate at 39% and 40% respectively. Whereas hotels in EMEA and North America are both at 25%.

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