28 Jun

7 Funniest Brands on Twitter

Did you know, 72% of the people want brands to have a fun social media page? On the contrary, 88% do not like when brands make fun of them. But, we are not all born comedians which make the task difficult. Hence, you will have to be smarter when it comes to comical tweets.

If you do get it right, there is a chance of you going viral with your posts. Not just that, you can also develop a strong following as well. So, below are some of the funniest brands on Twitter.


Moosejaw has all the jokes when it comes to their social media posts. Once you see their timeline, you can see the personality of the brand shining through. It does not seem like a brand is tweeting, but more like a friend posting on social media.


Who does not love Netflix today! In addition, their tweets make you enjoy the brand even more. The best tweet so far has come from the memes, GIFs, funny moments from their shows. So, whats so special? They fire their own jokes and use their own content for it.


KFC have really tender and crisp jokes on Twitter. In fact, all their tweets revolve around their brand in one way or the other. Just like Netflix, their brands get deeply embedded in every joke they make.


Oreo has a different way to inject humor into their jokes. They play with influencers and celebrities. These tweets have the LOL factor along with being cool.


Brits somehow have a weird and emotional connection with Greggs. In addition, Brits know this and they play with it on Twitter. They are so good at interacting with the brand that the people have an immovable impression of them on their heads.


Wendy’s post went viral last year once they started beef along with other brands. Unsurprisingly, today, they are still at it. People enjoy a little shade and sarcasm as long as it does not go too far. So, if people choose to follow them.. great. Even if they do not, well, they are still talking about them.

National Library of Scotland

This page is really hilarious and one would not have expected from a page like this. They post countless funny Scots which they totally makeup but are in fact real! It is funny for the Scots who are really attached with the words. In addition, they make smart cultural jokes as well.

No doubt, intelligent jokes will attract an intelligent audience which may be more suited to your brand. This could be beneficial as you can expect more followers who can take interest in what you are selling.

The road to twitter starts with a few well-constructed jokes. If your Twitter account following has fallen dramatically, there are no second thoughts of spending more on Twitter. If you plan to make Twitter your go to the page, make sure that your jokes are funny, relatable and incorporate your brand into it.

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