18 Aug

Independence Day Celebrations at EStreet Office


Festivities help to break the office monotony and at EStreet we understand the importance of maintaining work and life balance. Hence, Independence Day celebrations became a great excuse to take a break and enjoy with the team. We started the celebrations by decorating our office with balloons and ribbons. The decorations brought back the feeling of patriotism and channeled the essence of Independence.

Also, ethnic wear glamorized the entire ambiance. Everyone tried their best to look stunning but at the end, our beloved HR Manager, Ms. Indu Thakur bagged away the title of “Best Ethnic Wear -Women” at the end of the day. Mr. Ashok took away the title of “Best Ethnic Wear- Men”.Post decorations, we got together as a team and played a few rounds of ‘Charades’ and ‘Truth and Dare’. We interacted with other team members and had a fun filled time.

Food… Glorious Food!
To add the cherry on the cake, we enjoyed some of the most mouth-watering dishes for lunch. The all-time favorites like ‘Dhoklas’, ‘Samosas’ and ‘Gulab Jamun’s’ added to the flavors. After a heart-filled lunch, it was time for Round 2. The feeling of competition set in and everyone played ‘Only to Win’ this time. The game was simple, take as many balloons possible at the end of the line within a given timeframe. We got together in pairs and started the game. Many came and went, but Amritpal and Sunil won the game despite our boss pricking their balloon half way through.

The winners of the games received boxes of Cadbury. It was interesting to see the winners sharing their favorite chocolate with other team members. It might be a small gesture, but it shows our unity and love for each other. One of members said, “Chocolates cannot be eaten alone; it is enjoyed more when shared with others”. This brought a smile on everyone’s faces.

At EStreet, we understand the importance of engaging everyone in different activities for keeping everyone refreshed and bringing the team closure to work together.

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12 May

Do you really need SEO Services?


Ranking on top across search engines is not important unless it contributes to such valuable metrics as sales, traffic, leads and profits. It is possible to rank on top without attracting any traffic. It also is possible to get a lot of traffic that does not lead to sales. The issue is compounded by a scenario where a lot of sales do not lead to profit. Where is the mistake then?

Too much focus on ranking has taken focus away from the most important issues. Every business is looking for the most cost effective path towards greater profitability. The idea therefore is to work from the current profit backwards.

Conversion rate
By evaluating the sales process, you will identify the entry point for most leads. Alongside this is the most profitable product. These are the anchors that will drive your profits. These products and processes should therefore inform your SEO strategy. The aim is to capture the attention of anyone viewing your site on search engines or landing pages. By selecting the best SEO company USA, you will enjoy the advantage of such packages as Conversion Rate Optimization.

My Key Words
Traditionally, SEO focused on few ‘golden keywords’ in each area. This remains the key to top ranking on all search engines but contributes to less than 10% of your web traffic. This has led to the emergence of longer phrases that are more specific. This means that you require secondary keywords to boost traffic to your site from search engines.

High quality content
Content is not for search engines but for your readers. This is why quality is emphasized. It is the value in the content that will enable readers to share it on social media or email to friends. Meeting the expectations of your visitors in terms of content gives credibility to your site such that visitors can return.

The Price
To get results from SEO related campaigns it is a must that you spend. This enables your marketers to run niche, highly focused and local SEO campaigns that will bring returns. You will be required to spend in excess of 2000 dollars a month go get good results. Do not be over expectant that SEO will turn round your business in three months. You will require a long term strategy, investment and consistent effort.

What do I do Next?
The solution lies in evaluating your marketing strategy. Engage professionals who deliver value for money. If you do not have the resources to run a fully fledged SEO related campaign, check online and find tricks on how to run such a campaign through your internal department.

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04 May

Effective Digital Marketing Through Social Media Optimization


Effective Digital Marketing Through Social Media Optimization Social media has made it easier and economical to sell goods and services all over the world without spending a fortune. An ordinary website or social media account does not add any value to your business unless it is optimized. Dedicated web design and development companies customize your website to increase your advantage on social media. The advantages include increased visibility during a search and inclusion in posts on blogs, blogs and podcasts. This marketing strategy will deliver incredibleresults over a short time and reduce your expenses.

The advantages of social media optimization for clients include :-

 Easy Linkability
This technique makes it easier for visitors to link you to social media sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram. The ability to share the content of your website makes you visible among followers and friends. The website appears friendly and attractive on social media. This will drive traffic towards the site and increase the number of visitors making enquiries. It is an economical way of converting visitors into clients.

Simplify tagging and bookmarking
This is done through inclusion of quick buttons on different pages. Specialist web development services providers incorporate the right tools that suggest the right tags when sharing. It makes content beyond the front page visible. Inner pages are more specific and therefore likely to attract more and genuine attention. Bookmarking will allow your visitors to return to the site later in case they saw the content while in a hurry.

 Rewarding inbound links
Inbound links are crucial for ranking which is essential for online visibility and credibility. The links increase the time spent within your site which introduces the visitors to more products and services. Linking the site to more blogs makes it more visible as well as providing fresh content every time the visitor lands on your website.

 Increase content travel
Specialist web design and development companies encrypt tools that make it easy to share portable files. This will simplify your process of sharing videos, pdf and audio files. These files offer more details to clients which makes it easier to sell your products. They are presented in a friendly manner that makes them irresistible. They do not appear like spam or compromised files. Visitors easily click on them which makes their browsing experience rewarding.

 Enhancing Mashup
This is a technique that allows co-creation of content. It means that other people can cut and paste it on their sites. The idea is common with YouTube and has helped to grow traffic on different sites. RSS is being used to syndicate content with the aim of augmenting your own traffic.

Social media optimization is constantly evolving. Dedicated companies invest heavily in research and mastery of the best tools and techniques to maximize social media platforms. They are updated on the latest developments and understand the social media market. They will personalize your site to capture the attention of genuine visitors and therefore increase your global reach. Working with seasoned and dedicated technicians offers incredible rewards to your business.

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27 Apr

Essence of E-Commerce Web Design USA Service

There are many reasons why you should hire the best e-commerce web design USA service. Today, electronic commerce or e-commerce is a common means of selling products. Many people are engaging in different transactions through the internet. As such, there are thousands of e-commerce websites on the internet. This implies that for any business to achieve its goals, it must have an e-commerce website.

Nevertheless, for an e-commerce to serve its intended purpose properly, it must be designed professionally. It must be functional, effective, interactive and efficient. Currently, there are new trends in the design of e-commerce websites. This is why you should consider enlisting the help of professionals to design your e-commerce website.

Why hire the service of professional e-commerce web designers

Professional e-commerce web designers in USA are knowledgeable and experienced in designing quality and unique e-commerce websites. By enlisting their service, your business stands to enjoy several benefits.

They include :

Reduced operational cost: Professional web designers come up with a quality e-commercewebsite that requires little capital. This website reduces the cost that your business would incur in establishing business premises. Issues of location and promoting the business are greatly reduced by an e-commerce website because it is easily accessible through the internet where your customers can easily order products from.
 Increased customers: An e-commerce website designed by professional designer has innovative features that will attract more customers. This implies that your business will draw customers from different places to buy your products through the e -commerce website.
 Convenience and speed: Expert designers create an e-commerce website whose innovative features enhance convenience and speed for your customers. This will enhance the experience of your customers because they will be able to purchase your products from any location through the internet.
 Reduced entry barriers: If you are entering a new market, professional e-commerce web designers will help you overcome the existing market entry barriers. This is because they have been designing e-commerce websites for a long time. They know what will make your ecommerce website unique and how to design it.

Whether you are starting a business or you run an already established local business, having a good ecommerce website can play a very important role of boosting the overall performance of your business. Nevertheless, you should enlist the service of the best e-commerce web development company to have a professionally designed website that will serve the intended purpose effectively.

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20 Apr

How to Choose to the Best E-Commerce Web Development Company

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet is offering you to reach out to the global market, you should hire the service of the best e-commerce web development company. An ecommerce website gives your business the advantage of reaching out to the global market. Unlike your local store, an e-commerce is available 24/7 without time or geographical restrictions. As such, if your company is yet to exploit this opportunity that the internet is availing to modern companies, you are losing a great deal of business opportunities.

Deciding to have an e-commerce website is definitely a great move. However, you should choose the best e-commerce website developers in order to have a great e-commerce website. There are many ecommerce web developers but they have their differences. These differences are what you need to consider before hiring an e-commerce website developer.

A company or a freelancer
While looking for an e-commerce web developer, you will come across individual e-commerce web developers and companies. It is advisable that you choose a company because it has more web developers. Thus, in case anything happens to a single developer, the others can take over and complete your project.

Company’s background
Consider the duration over which the company has been in existence. Find out whether the company has references or a portfolio of the e-commerce sites that it has developed in the past. A company that has been offering e-commerce development services for a long time is the best to contract with. This is because it has highly skilled web developers with vast experience.

Credibility level
Find out what other clients say about the e-commerce website development company before you enlist its service. Choose a reputable company because such reputable companies are always determined to satisfy their clients.

Quality of the service
From customer service and website design to website development and implementation, the company should maintain a high quality level for its services. This is very important because you want a service that is worth the value of every cent that you invest in it. Therefore, look for a company that guarantees you superior quality, flexible and comprehensive e-commerce website development services. A good e-commerce website development company will also ensure that the final website that you get
is fully customized. This ensures that the website serves the specific purpose for which your business needs it. Therefore, consider these factors to choose an e-commerce website development company that will create a quality e-commerce website for your business.

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13 Apr

How to Know the Best E-Commerce Web Design Company

If you need a good looking, effective and efficient e-commerce website, you should hire the service of the best E-commerce web design company. To enhance brand recognition, increase sales and generate more revenue for your business, you need an  e-commerce website with a unique and attractive design. Such a website will greatly enhance the competitiveness of your business on the internet.

Always remember that the first impression that visitors get from your website design will define the future growth of your business. Nevertheless, you might not have specific knowledge or time to design your website. Therefore, you should enlist the e-commerce web design service of professionals that you are confident in their ability to come up with a unique and compelling website.

Choose the right web design company
Designing a website is like designing a house. You will not be happy if your house crash immediately after completion simply because somebody designed it poorly. This is why you need to be careful when selecting the company to design your e-commerce website. Nevertheless, once you select the best web design company you are bound to get an effective and efficient e-commerce website.

To select the best company to design your e-commerce website, consider:

  •  Technological knowledge and experience: Look for a company that has experienced ecommerce web designers. These should be experts with experience in designing quality ecommerce websites. Therefore, ask them to show you some of the e-commerce websites that they have designed in the past. Go through them check their technical expertise before giving the company your e-commerce web design job.
  •  Client-designer interaction: Adequate and competent communication throughout the process of designing your e-commerce website is very important. It ensures that everything is done according to your specifications. Look for an e-commerce web development company that maintains communication between the designers and the client throughout via email, phone or Skype among other communication tools.
  •  Deadlines: You do not have the whole year to wait for your e-commerce website to be designed. Therefore, look for a company that is conscious about the timeframes of the clients. This is very important because it guarantees you that your e-commerce website will be designed and developed within your schedule.
  •  Cost-estimation: Look for a web design company that gives you a realistic quote and an affordable e-commerce web design service.

By considering these factors, you will find the best web design company to give your e-commerce website development project. You will also get a quality website designed for you within your timeframe.

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06 Apr

Transforming Your Brand Using Mobile Apps


Most customers are now accessing brand information through their mobile phones. This avenue is cheap and convenient. Any brand interested in capturing the attention of clients must shift its online marketing strategy to the mobile platform. Experts in application software development help you design a customized mobile app strategy that will win the loyalty of your clients. Providers of web development services integrate the app tools to capture more traffic and grow your brand. Businesses with a mobile app strategy enjoy several advantages over those using traditional internet strategies.

Building loyalty
Every business aims at capturing and retaining as many customers as possible. With a personalized mobile app, you have the attention and loyalty of your clients. This comes out of a simplified access to your site since the app offers direct linkage. The customer does not have to type your URL on search engines or browsers. A simplified browsing experience creates a better impression for your brand, business and product. Such a customer will find it easy and profitable to do business with you.

Increase Accessibility
Mobile apps make information on different pages and levels on your website accessible. The landing page for mobile apps presents different segments of your site in a simplified display. Quick access allows the customer to read more and therefore be exposed to the goods and services you are offering in other portals. A client who downloads an app is more likely to use it over and over compared to one who types URLs. This is because the app feels easier to use and has a ‘readily accessible’ feel when downloaded.

Availability on mobile devices
Most internet users have switched to mobile devices compared to traditional PCs and laptops. With websites optimized for android, iOS and windows platforms, clients do not have to stick to the traditional desktop activities. You have a chance to take advantage of increased mobile phones and devices penetration to market your products, services or business.

Information on the move
With mobile apps, customers do not worry about forgetting URLs. This means that you remain with the client wherever he goes. It will keep them away from thinking about your competition or finding other options.

Mobile apps offer numerous benefits to your clients as well. These advantages include:-

  • Easy access to your inventory- The apps are designed to present as many portal or icons on one page as possible. The client will just click on his area of interest and is ready to go.
  • Notification- Mobile apps make it easy to give notifications of events, launches or new products. Such information might not be easily assessable over a conventional website without concealing some details.
  •  One-touch access- the client does not have to deal with numerous navigation options when accessing different pages. Such a simplified experience endears the customer to the brand.
  •  Speed- apps are optimized for mobile devices and their specific operating systems. This gives them speed and convenience in delivering important information to clients.

The future of businesses is in the mobile platform. Successful businesses are those that will remain in the palms of their customers through their mobile devices. It requires technical expertise to develop the best strategy and transform your brand.

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30 Mar

Benefits of Selecting Best E-Commerce Development Service

For any modern business to achieve online success, it must enlist e-commerce development services. The internet has made the world more technological and informational. Today, thousands of transactions are done daily through the internet. As such, e-commerce websites and applications are becoming increasingly popular.

As such, having an e-commerce website and effective applications is very important for any contemporary business. Nevertheless, electronic commerce or e-commerce websites are very complex. They have multiple payment means, tax codes, shipping methods and promotional discounts among other features. These features are aimed at eliminating performance problems while enhancing efficiency of online businesses.

Benefits of choosing the best e-commerce web development service There are many companies that offer web development services to online businesses. However, some offer better services than others. As such, you should look for a company that offers the best web development services for your online business. There are many benefits that your business will enjoy once you select the best web development service.

They include:

  •  Development of user-friendly, fully-functional and highly attractive e-commerce website
  •  Development of a site and application that enhances the reach of your business
  •  You get a website that can attract customers through interactive and unique ways
  •  Ability to run unlimited services or product offers via your website
  •  Better optimization which increases traffic
  •  Ability to provide useful information to shoppers or customers with ease
  •  Customers are able to search for products, their specification, pictures and information on your website with ease.
  •  User-friendly features that include calculators, shopping cart, currency support and language among others

Basically, with the right web development service you get an e-commerce that is designed and developed with your business needs in mind. This enhances the operations of your business while giving your customers a better experience.

If you are looking for a web development service for your online business, it is important that you consider the guarantees that different web development companies give you. You should also ask for a portfolio to find out what the company can do for you. This is very important because you most probably have an e-commerce site that you admire. Ask the company if it can develop such a site for you. Also let the company know what exactly you need for your business. This will ensure that the final e-commerce website that you get is customized to suit the unique needs of your business.

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23 Mar

Why Graphic Design is Key to your Success

The logo is more than a shape related to your goods and services with the name of your company in the middle. It represents your ideals and image in the least number of words possible. When your graphic design service provider presents a logo idea, what should you look for?

Something Classic

A classic idea does not mean that you go for the old school or stodgy concepts. It means something that transcends trend waves in terms of color, font and idea. A logo will last decades without change. It must therefore represent fundamentals in your organization that do not change in years.

Relationship to the Company

It might sound obvious, but the logo should relate to the company. You must have seen a logo that deviates too far from the core business of the brand. The relationship must be direct and representing popular perception for the purpose of identity.

No Similarity with Other companies

Unaware, some designers have created logos that are best suited for other clients. The best way to avoid this trap is to seek the opinion of others before making a decision. If another company comes to mind when you see the logo, do not pick it. Yours should be unique and easy to identify among others that are closely related.


Logos are used for branding on print, billboards, smart phones and television, among other platforms. The idea presented by your graphic design professional must not get lost when transferred across platforms. It must retain its appeal regardless of the area it is being used.

Number of Colors

In addition to black and white, the maximum number of colors to appear on the logo should be two. Some colors drench the others to the point of loosing the meaning. It also is expensive to print multiple colors regardless of the platform.

The less the better

Your choice of font size, color, images and lines, among others, should be as minimal as possible. Minimal graphics makes brands easy to recognize. They also are easy to maintain as classical branding symbols. They portray an image of a clean brand which boosts public perception.

The Name

Choosing the name of a business or product is among the hardest things to do. Ignore the trends at the moment and choose a name you can use for the next twenty years. The name should also be easy to remember, say, spell and recognize for anyone.

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12 Nov

Effective SEO Services Strategies

Many online businesses cannot have a good web presence without executing the best online marketing strategies. If you are lucky and manage to hire the best SEO Company USA, the company can help you implement a good strategy that will give you online success and growth for your business in many years. Although many people are aware of the many aspects of SEO Services, it is not that simple to come up with the right strategy for your business. It requires intensive research and time to execute a good strategy that will improve your SERP. Here are 5 key tips that can help you so implement the most effective SEO strategy.

Study your target market and set objectives

The main objective of SEO is to improve your ranking in the major search engines and drive traffic to your website. However, this may not be effective if your website is opening up to the wrong audience who do know understand your services or products. The best approach to identify and understand your target audience is to study their online patterns. Gather enough information regarding their demographics, search patterns, geographical location and preferences. You can achieve this by studying statistics from your Google Analytics account. Once you have studied their online patterns, it is time to set objectives based on your results. How do you want the audience to know your products? What do you want the audience to do on your site? How do they get there? Setting clear objectives will help you get your desired results.

Make use of your keyword research

It is very important for you to carry out keyword research based on your results from your target audience. It is also advisable for you to categorize your keywords and create an excel sheet that breaks up your keyword categories. Use the Google Keyword Planner to research appropriate keywords

Carry out a thorough on-page SEO

The main objective of on-page SEO is to help the major search engines to understand what your site is about. It helps the search engine to crawl your website and find relevant content. To achieve this, you must ensure that you have valuable content and good internal linking with no broken links. Your website should also be easy to navigate and easy to load. You should also make use of the keywords that you identified from your research to optimize your content. This will help you have focused themes and create pages around these keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing and allow the keyword to read naturally.

Carry out off-page SEO

Links affect the way the search engine rank websites. An off-page SEO strategy is important in order to attract valuable inbound links to your website. Linking building is also important especially when you site get backlinks from other websites that have higher ranking. The more people know about your products and website the more they will link back to your website.

Monitor your data and results

You should be in a position to know what is working and what isn’t working for you. You should have a system that will allow you to monitor and track data and results. In case you need assistance, you enlist the services of Best Professional SEO Experts in USA. A very key point to note is that SEO is continuous process and you should start by implementing the right strategy.

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