14 Jun

Influencer Marketing: The Go-to Guide for Any Marketing Agency

Influencer Marketing has increased 4 times the size in just 2 years’ time. The industry has evolved from being a promising marketing tactic to becoming an essential part of the business. It is a priority of big and small businesses alike.

The success was not because of any marketing tactic but the researcher has shown that influencer marketing has seen to fulfill many goals.

There were some key points of growth previously like the cross-channel social campaign has become important. Brands began to contact the influencers which were outside their industries. Hence, just because a brand operated in food industry does not mean that they would stick to food influencers.

With the changing times, influencers started working with big brands and Federal Trade Commission increased the regulatory charges which included 90 warning letters to brands and influencers.

The growth of influencer marketing is supposed to increase 5 times by 2021. Wondering how 2018 will be for influencer marketing? Read on to find out more!


Influencer marketing budget will increase

Social Media content has a huge impact on the customer’s overall purchase. On an average, a customer engages with around 11 articles before making a purchase. Hence, a clear opportunity for influencer marketing waits for those who wish to jump into it.

Influencers can help the audience through educational content phases like tutorials. But, they can also be used again during the decision or purchase phase by leveraging the content for retargeting ads and incorporating promo codes. Depending on the possibilities an influencer has, marketers, can start to set a big portion of the budget to carry the impactful changes.

Due to the growing popularity of ad blockers, traditional marketing has become less effective. Many brands have also been confining the influencer budget to test their products and the effectiveness of the channel.

As a result, marketers are increasingly putting efforts on the social media. This is done either through direct spending or through taste key makers on the platform like the influencers.


Measuring and tracking campaigns will be the key

As Influencer marketing becomes more consistent, marketers will need to improve their strategies from time to time. Marketers will need to further evolve strategies while they approach influencer partnerships.

Increasing the budget for influencer marketing will only be successful when it is aligned with the objectives. This means when one invests in proper software to track content and measure to predict the success of influencer marketing.


Efficient Workplace

The vast majority of partnership still goes on the top 1% of the influencers. It is hard to find upcoming influencers. In addition, it has become more cumbersome when it comes to 25 micro influencers under 1 large influencer.

Brands have been nervous about working with the lesser known creators. But they do realize that they can create incredible content and drive strong engagement as compared to mega influencers.

So, 2018 is a combination of growing expectations of the marketers along with the emerging technology platforms which create efficient working with large influencers.

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07 Jun

See how Google has changed the Terms of Services

For businesses, this means that when you are encouraging all the customers to leave reviews online all potential reviews are funnelled through the same review.

If you use review platform the email template the email template will need to be updated to reflect the guidelines and not redirect the customers which have negative reviews to a private feedback form.

Until now many people thought that Google My Business took reviews from ex-employees as a violation. This assumption was based on the following two points:

  1. Make sure that the reviews left on your business listing are those that leave at a business you are invited are honest representations of the customer experience. Those that aren’t may get removed. This is like the golden rule of Google which is why company removes peer reviews which you got your friends to write about you.
  2. The reviews are most valuable when they are unbiased and honest. If you own or work at a place please do not review.

Many people still wonder about this term used in the policy of Google. If an employee writes a review about the company who currently do not work there, Google will remove them.


But with the recent updations made in December 2017, Google will not be removing the reviews. The new guidelines are in the help center. In addition, posting negative content about a former employer is not allowed.

In 2017, we have seen the hotel reviews being doubled 2017 posted by travellers who also posted hotel reviews. In real estate, properties received an average response rate of 37 reviews per month.

Hoteliers in Latin America and the Asia Pacific have the highest response rate at 39% and 40% respectively. Whereas hotels in EMEA and North America are both at 25%.

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31 May

Local SEO Hacks Not Seen Anywhere Before!

Local SEO has undergone an ocean of change since the last year. Many terms which were used previously are now simply stakes. There are primarily 6 areas of local search.

  • Google My Business
  • Website
  • Citation
  • Links
  • Behavioral
  • Reviews


Finding Competitors Categories

One can add multiple categories to your GMB listing but only you will be able to see the listing.


If you have multiple phone numbers across different citation location this can have a negative impact on the search engine and create a bad data and information in the local search ecosystem. The citations might not have been indexed but with a little SQL injection, one can fix it.


The golden stars can help to increase the click-through rate, add micro-data markup to your site projects. Before you try all the rich snippets, here are a few rules to make sure you do things right.

  • It does not work on the front page
  • Must be original content
  • The page must have a page authority of 25 or more.
  • Internally link with testimonials/reviews in the anchor
  • Get external links to a page

Local links

In local SEO, it is amazing how much impact a few links can make. Sponsorships are quick and easy to link which helps you and other organizations which are important to your community.


Get the keywords in the reviews which will help you to rank better. Reviews will also help in reputation management. Inserting keywords will take your review game to the next level.

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22 May

Google Removes Anonymous Reviews

Google My Business is not considering anonymous reviews and have stopped counting them as a review for the overall business rating. Two individuals noticed that anonymous reviews have been removed from a tweet on May 24th but still visible when user sees the reviews.

This is an interesting move by Google which brings it in line with other review sites online. TripAdvisor and Yelp are the only two other websites which allows only registered users to submit their reviews.

Many argue that this is a smart move on Google’s part since anonymous reviews were usually devastating. This was usually because the user’s name was not attached to the comments.

Allowing only registered users will result in honest reviews. From the business perspective, the business will know who have left the review. If a regular customer leaves a bad review then it gives business a chance to improve things.


Additional Tip: How to remove Fake reviews and what to do?

Respond to the review

Since you cannot remove the review immediately, one should respond to them. If the review is fake, one cannot end up resolving the issue. Hence, it will be clear to other customers and it will only increase your credibility.

Flag the review

You can identify the Google regarding the review and flag it.

Contact Google Support

If you have a specific question regarding the policy then on can seek advice from the community members. However, one can even search for a previous question of yours for a solution.

How to grow your business online?

Keep monitoring your business online by setting up Google Alerts. Add the keywords and you are good to go. However, you do not have to review your alerts everyday but schedule a small block of time once a week to stay on top of the things.

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16 May

Why Web Has Become Less Friendly in 2018 as Compared to 2017?

Recent reports reveal that websites are less friendly as they were in comparison to 2017. Google has been warning the web publishers of the mobile-friendly index and the publishers have run to make the site friendly.

Why mobile sites are less friendly?

  • The average weight of Javascript has increased by 50.1%.
  • The average weight of CSS has increased by 36.8%.
  • The average weight of HTML needed to create a web page has increased by 117.5%.
  • The average weight of font downloads has increased by 18.3%.
  • The average weight of images has also increased by 13.9%.

Studies have also suggested that Internet has made people less religious and dogmatic. This is big news as information is available more widely which makes people think and change. It might be intuitive but still fascinating to see the reasoning behind it.

Because of the internet, a more partisan environment has been created with a rise of extremism. We have also seen people being less interested in organised religion in general.

Let us see some of the statistics of how internet has changed over a year!

  • 80% of the top Alexa websites were more mobile adaptive. So, if you want your website to perform well, it needs to be mobile optimised.
  • 51% of all digital budgets were spent on mobile.
  • By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of all the US digital ad spending.
  • Users on an average spend 69% of the media time on smartphones.
  • Google drives 96% of the mobile search followed by Yahoo at 2% and 1% on Bing.
  • Apps account for 89% of mobile media with the rest 11% spend on websites.
  • 71% of the marketers believe that mobile marketing is their core business.
  • 58% of the companies have a dedicated mobile marketing team.
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10 May

Around 44% People Using Facebook has Recently Changed Their Privacy Settings!!

Cambridge Analytica data scandal has attracted a lot of negative coverage for Facebook. Advertisers have not curtailed their spending and are mostly staying put. According to Marketing Land, a poll was conducted at the end of April among a sample of just over 2000 social media users.

In the sample, there were over 1000 Twitter and Instagram users. The key question asked was, “Have you changed your frequency of Facebook usage?” 74% said they used the site once a day and around 26% said they use the site more than once.

Around 23% report about using Facebook less recently. This breaks down to as follows:

18% – Use it less

4% – Stopped using it but still have an account

1% – Deleted the account

Addition 2% people said they did not own a Facebook account.

As per the recent earnings announcements by Facebook, there was 13% increase in the Facebook usage year over year. Monthly active users totaled up to 2.2 billion and these figures are global. In USA and Canada, the growth rate is flat. In total, there are 185 million daily users which remained unchanged from last year.

Other questions faced by the users include, “Are you aware of the recent privacy changes on Facebook?”

74% – Yes

16% – No

10% – Don’t Know

Around 78% said they knew how to change their privacy settings on Facebook and only 22% said no.

The surveys generally reveal a bell curve when it comes to the privacy setting. Some users are highly concerned, some do not care and the rest are in the middle. They express concern but not enough for a behavioral change.

In this survey, people were trying to exercise some control over their privacy setting but were under the impression that they could not.

However, a new WhatsApp update includes a feature which allows Instagram and Facebook videos to be played on the chat messenger. So, now when you are chatting with someone, you will not have to leave the app to watch the video.

Facebook has been working for a while now to integrate both the platforms to give users more user-friendly controls to the content of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Last year the company allowed the users to post their stories on Facebook. A recent report has shown that people can now post their Instagram stories on WhatsApp as well.

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30 Apr

7 Things We Learn About Team Work from Avengers

Becoming a part of the team is tough when one is used to working solo. Avengers gave us a huge bunch of personality in terms of superheroes to look upon. Each has their own motivational goals and personalities. As seen in the last movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers, they teach us a lot about teamwork. Let us look at a few of them.


Don’t blame and don’t fight!

Black widow is observant, Iron Man is creative, Thor is all about power, Captain America is all about righteousness and Hulk is all about muscles. Each superpower contributes in its own special way. They work their way up through different junctions and get them to achieve what they want.


Throw away your egos

Each person has a dark side and so do you! Just because you know everything it does not mean you can make others feel small. Think as a team and rather than just thinking about yourself.


Celebrate small wins

When the safe house of Hydra was destroyed Avengers gained vital intelligence. For Thor, it was a reason to celebrate. In a similar fashion, once should celebrate small victories so that all in the team know about it. It also boosts the morale and gives the strength to move ahead.


Never underestimate the ones who are shy!

Everyone has someone who is shy and quiet. But when it comes to their expertise, there is no one better than them. You should never let them hide in the corner. Bring them forth and speak to them one-on-one. They might not like the attention but can contribute to the team. Here, we see the Hawkeye and Black Widow were the quiet ones in the group.


Solve your problems in a constructive manner

It is easy and tempting to use harsh words towards each other. But it will be more productive to talk with others about what is wrong and come to an agreement. Make them realize the common goal everyone is fighting for. Bring them to the same place so they can contribute in the best way possible.


Final Thoughts!

Think about it! Captain America understood that each one is different and made sure that they play their best when New York was attacked. But, if Iron Man had informed the team in advance about him building an AI then there would not have been chaos or damage caused in the first place.

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24 Apr

7 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Black Panther’

The last action-packed movie before the most awaited Avengers ‘Infinity Wars’ was the so-called ‘grown-up’ movie we waited for. We have all read and some of us implemented from the mistakes others made. On Google, when one types leadership, there are over 379 million results. The number alone shows how important leadership has become.

As I proudly join others who helped the Black Panther break $387 million in sales, I immediately identified the leadership moments implanted in the storyline. As there are many layers of lessons one can use to develop a high-performing team below are 7.

  1. Bring a Change – One of the most admirable traits one sees here is to bring a headlong change from a dangerous situation against all odds with a smile. He has no fear and is willing to sacrifice for his followers and the people he cares about.
  2. ProtectorsThe Black Panther was a protector of the Wakandan people. He always stood for their safety and protection. He made his people safe and secured. Leaders are supposed to be protectors. They should ensure that their teams are taken care of and have what they need to get their jobs done.
  3. Leaders always confront evil – As a leader, you have the responsibility to confront evil as it is happening and take appropriate action. Never be afraid to stand for what’s right.
  4. Great leaders offer grace – T’Challa (Black Panther) offered to yield many times to M’Baku until he did. T’Challa had a choice either to end M’Baku’s life or save him. In a similar way, one will always have a choice to make with your team members who made a mistake. It is upon you to decide what is right.
  5. Maximize team power – No one can acquire success on their own. It is important for the leaders to understand the talents, gifts, and skills of others to build a good team. In addition, one must always look at how to maximize team efforts and not put them down. Here, Black Panther recognized the important and helped Wakanda move forward and reclaimed his respect and the throne.
  6. Good leaders are never selfish – The Heart shaped herb allowed a person to visit the ancestors and give them powers of the Black Panther. Killmonger, due to his lust for power ordered to destroy the field where the herb had grown. He wanted no one else to get the power. In real life, people ruin themselves for the desire of power.
  7. Liking a person does not define you as a good leader – Often we are caught up in our feelings and take things personally leading to poor decision making. This is not an indication of a good leader and it only hurts the team and the work overall. The work we do should leave a legacy behind and for the greater good.

Leadership is all about how well one can influence people and treat others. ‘It is not about you’! The sooner one gets over it one can acquire success and reach more hearts and people.

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19 Apr

5 Things to See When Considering a Hosting Company

The web hosting one chooses depends upon the overall consistency of the website which also offers organic visitors. If one wants to prevent server errors and page timeouts, one needs to have a solid web host to rely on.

In the end, one wants to have a web hosting company which supports your organic efforts rather than impeding them.

Guarantee High Uptime

The host’s uptime is arguably the most important factor to understand if they are SEO friendly. Uptime refers to the percentage of time the website is online and accessible. The higher the uptime, the less likely visitors will visit the site. More reliable hosts guarantee higher uptime.

Server Location

Uptime refers to the site content being accessible to users, your server location may dictate how to access them quickly. You want the data centre to be located as close as possible to the majority of the site owners. The further away your server is, the longer it takes for the site to load.

Multiple Options

Many hosting companies offer optimal value add which can upgrade your website. Many hosting companies provide a value add which can upgrade your website. This includes the following:

Automatic Backups: If something goes wrong, you will need backup immediately. So one should make sure that the hosting company provides backup.

Multiple hosting plans: As the site grows, hosting requirements will also change. Eventually, there will be a time when you will want to shift to your own dedicated server.

Good Reviews

A good hosting company needs to have good reviews hence one must see the hosting features, and see if it checks the list. Now that the hosting company is decided, make sure you validate it and make your marketing claims true. Make sure you take time to read the reviews online.

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08 Apr

Wondering How to Create Link Worthy Content?

Creating a link worthy content takes a lot of time and strategy with detailed planning. Editorial links are the hardest to get but are one of the best and the one that Google wants you to build. Let us see how one can create link worthy content.


Link worthy content comes in 4 different forms:

Inspirational: Any type of content which inspires a person to take action like self-improvement or supporting a cause.

Informative: This generally includes the latest news

Educational: This type of content generally teaches people something, these include tutorials

Entertaining: This type of content makes people laugh and provokes a feeling of anger, sadness, happiness or fear.

At the end, you want the content to answer the question in the best possible way in your target audience. There is no denying that there is a lot of mediocre content on the web which fails to get any traction.

Content competition is fierce and one is competing with not only blogs, but videos, infographics and much more.

Sometimes even a good article fails, because it was not marketed well.

Good content is like an asset just like rental property or stocks. Getting link worthy content is half the battle won.

How to create link-worthy content?

Create content which is evergreen!

One should focus more on the content which is evergreen. It will become a resource which remains useful and relevant long after it gets published. It rarely changes and is always in demand from your audience.

Target and Optimise Keywords

One should focus on the taxonomy of keywords and work on those only which are relevant to your keywords. Content is created around those keywords alone.

Visual Content

One should not focus on images, data visualisations, GIFs and infographics. All these visuals can help to tell a story.

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