24 Apr

7 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Black Panther’

The last action-packed movie before the most awaited Avengers ‘Infinity Wars’ was the so-called ‘grown-up’ movie we waited for. We have all read and some of us implemented from the mistakes others made. On Google, when one types leadership, there are over 379 million results. The number alone shows how important leadership has become.

As I proudly join others who helped the Black Panther break $387 million in sales, I immediately identified the leadership moments implanted in the storyline. As there are many layers of lessons one can use to develop a high-performing team below are 7.

  1. Bring a Change – One of the most admirable traits one sees here is to bring a headlong change from a dangerous situation against all odds with a smile. He has no fear and is willing to sacrifice for his followers and the people he cares about.
  2. ProtectorsThe Black Panther was a protector of the Wakandan people. He always stood for their safety and protection. He made his people safe and secured. Leaders are supposed to be protectors. They should ensure that their teams are taken care of and have what they need to get their jobs done.
  3. Leaders always confront evil – As a leader, you have the responsibility to confront evil as it is happening and take appropriate action. Never be afraid to stand for what’s right.
  4. Great leaders offer grace – T’Challa (Black Panther) offered to yield many times to M’Baku until he did. T’Challa had a choice either to end M’Baku’s life or save him. In a similar way, one will always have a choice to make with your team members who made a mistake. It is upon you to decide what is right.
  5. Maximize team power – No one can acquire success on their own. It is important for the leaders to understand the talents, gifts, and skills of others to build a good team. In addition, one must always look at how to maximize team efforts and not put them down. Here, Black Panther recognized the important and helped Wakanda move forward and reclaimed his respect and the throne.
  6. Good leaders are never selfish – The Heart shaped herb allowed a person to visit the ancestors and give them powers of the Black Panther. Killmonger, due to his lust for power ordered to destroy the field where the herb had grown. He wanted no one else to get the power. In real life, people ruin themselves for the desire of power.
  7. Liking a person does not define you as a good leader – Often we are caught up in our feelings and take things personally leading to poor decision making. This is not an indication of a good leader and it only hurts the team and the work overall. The work we do should leave a legacy behind and for the greater good.

Leadership is all about how well one can influence people and treat others. ‘It is not about you’! The sooner one gets over it one can acquire success and reach more hearts and people.

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19 Apr

5 Things to See When Considering a Hosting Company

The web hosting one chooses depends upon the overall consistency of the website which also offers organic visitors. If one wants to prevent server errors and page timeouts, one needs to have a solid web host to rely on.

In the end, one wants to have a web hosting company which supports your organic efforts rather than impeding them.

Guarantee High Uptime

The host’s uptime is arguably the most important factor to understand if they are SEO friendly. Uptime refers to the percentage of time the website is online and accessible. The higher the uptime, the less likely visitors will visit the site. More reliable hosts guarantee higher uptime.

Server Location

Uptime refers to the site content being accessible to users, your server location may dictate how to access them quickly. You want the data centre to be located as close as possible to the majority of the site owners. The further away your server is, the longer it takes for the site to load.

Multiple Options

Many hosting companies offer optimal value add which can upgrade your website. Many hosting companies provide a value add which can upgrade your website. This includes the following:

Automatic Backups: If something goes wrong, you will need backup immediately. So one should make sure that the hosting company provides backup.

Multiple hosting plans: As the site grows, hosting requirements will also change. Eventually, there will be a time when you will want to shift to your own dedicated server.

Good Reviews

A good hosting company needs to have good reviews hence one must see the hosting features, and see if it checks the list. Now that the hosting company is decided, make sure you validate it and make your marketing claims true. Make sure you take time to read the reviews online.

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08 Apr

Wondering How to Create Link Worthy Content?

Creating a link worthy content takes a lot of time and strategy with detailed planning. Editorial links are the hardest to get but are one of the best and the one that Google wants you to build. Let us see how one can create link worthy content.


Link worthy content comes in 4 different forms:

Inspirational: Any type of content which inspires a person to take action like self-improvement or supporting a cause.

Informative: This generally includes the latest news

Educational: This type of content generally teaches people something, these include tutorials

Entertaining: This type of content makes people laugh and provokes a feeling of anger, sadness, happiness or fear.

At the end, you want the content to answer the question in the best possible way in your target audience. There is no denying that there is a lot of mediocre content on the web which fails to get any traction.

Content competition is fierce and one is competing with not only blogs, but videos, infographics and much more.

Sometimes even a good article fails, because it was not marketed well.

Good content is like an asset just like rental property or stocks. Getting link worthy content is half the battle won.

How to create link-worthy content?

Create content which is evergreen!

One should focus more on the content which is evergreen. It will become a resource which remains useful and relevant long after it gets published. It rarely changes and is always in demand from your audience.

Target and Optimise Keywords

One should focus on the taxonomy of keywords and work on those only which are relevant to your keywords. Content is created around those keywords alone.

Visual Content

One should not focus on images, data visualisations, GIFs and infographics. All these visuals can help to tell a story.

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27 Mar

5 Important Tips on Choosing a Domain name

Choosing the right domain name is like choosing a company name. It requires a lot of thought and consideration as your domain is your identity on the web. One has to make sure that it not only fits your business but also it is easy to find and promote.

Below are some of the tips on how to choose a domain name


Does it match your Brand Image?

There are a few reasons why this is important

In terms of branding, if the name does not match your company it leaves a bad image. If one is using the name then finding you online becomes easier. One should be consistent and it will help you to grow it into a memorable and strong brand.


Use Keywords

Make use of the keywords which describe your business and the services you offer. For example, if you are a glass repair or replacement company, then one can use glassrepair.com or glassreplacement.com. Having keywords can improve your rank on the search engine and increases traffic on the website.


Use keywords wisely without being spammy

One should not go for a keyword heavy domain. For example, if you plan to have a London city guide then having a domain like londonvibes.com sounds more fun as compared to London-city-guides.com

Choose good branding over SEO but try to keep the keyword in there if possible. It is not the end of the world and one should choose a creative name over a spammy one.


Use appropriate domain extension

Extensions are for examples .com or .net which comes at the end of the address. From all the domains, .com is the most popular domain. However, there are new arrays of domains like .nyc or .guru which offer great opportunity to register short and recommended names.



Make sure that the domain name you are looking for is unique and no one else is using the domain. Ideally, one should use the domain name which is unique. One should always redirect the extra domains to your main domain. This gives an advantage during SEO.

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21 Mar

Why Does Digital Marketing not Work for you?

Over the past few years of our experience in digital marketing, we have seen many businesses. However, some of them feel that their business model is too unique for internet marketing. So if you think you are one of them, see what needs to be fixed and what is stopping you from coming on the digital platform.


Resistance to Change

When setting out a foot in the local market, many companies feel they do not even need a good website. Today, a good website is not only necessary, it is imperative. It is the same case with the social media. Many businesses are calling for their own demise but not coming to a social media platform. Yes, we understand that change is scary and uncomfortable, but it is inevitable.

If you are not ready yet, seek out some tutorials and familiarise yourself with the concept. This helps you fight the fear of the unknown and give you the confidence of implementing it on a small scale.



Many companies are lacking the training and the knowledge which results in a huge waste of time and energy. The world is in a pace of constant change which requires the marketers to learn, adjust their strategies and research on a continual basis.

Find a freelancer or a company which can perform a test for you so you will know if you want to dip your toes into this space or not.


Low-Quality Content

Many times, it is hard to figure out the success of a good digital marketing. Well, the “secret ingredient” is content marketing. Without good content, digital marketing cannot succeed. Creative content is the key to cutting through the noise and getting heard.


Unrealistic Expectations and Undefined Goals

Before beginning to work on the marketing campaign, one needs to set realistic goals and expectations, in order to accomplish what you have been waiting for. The modern digital marketer is testing many thousands of ad groups which are looking to hit at the right place. However, this does not happen overnight.

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14 Mar

The Big Trends of Social Media 2018

Just like other years, 2018 will continue to shake the digital marketing space. Hence it is important for your company to stay on top of things and stay ahead of them.

In 2018, 4 major trends will be affecting the digital marketing space. Hence it is important that the digital marketing agencies start to build their business around that space.


Advertising on Amazon

In 2018, Amazon is all set to challenge the duo of Google- Facebook. Especially as it is Amazon and not Google, it plays a central role in the online shopping space. Not just the shopping space, but Amazon also has other products like Prime Video, IMDB, Kindle, Echo, and Twitch.

Amazon will offer new ad formats in Ireland in 2018, expand advertising inventory and also most interestingly enter the search marketing space. This will be unique and will provide a great growth opportunity for online businesses as well.

Hence, it is time to incorporate Amazon into your business strategy.


Machine Learning

2018 will see many moving from manual to automated. Artificial Intelligence has reached a point where it makes sense to hand over the bidding process to the automated system. It considers numerous contextual factors like previous search locations, sites visited, etc.

AI can improve its performance hence it will be important to remember that ultimately it will be important for a human to ensure that eCPC campaigns are running smoothly.


Voice Over Devices

With the rise of in Home Devices and a shift from text to voice, the number of voice searches will increase in 2018.

At present, make sure that your brand has a presence through voice as an organic SEO rather than paid.



Without a doubt, GDPR will shake the digital marketing space and it is so important for the businesses to implement it to comply with the advances of the deadline. With GDPR, unless you stay ahead of the curve, your ad campaigns may be less targeted.

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06 Mar

Pre- Click vs Post- Click Experience

When it comes to targeting customers, the most valuable asset is the targeted landing page. Research and business have shown that 40 or more landing pages generate 12 times more leads than 1 or 5.

However, by just building the landing pages do not guarantee conversions. One has to build it right. The main trouble is that most marketers spend time in pre-click experience than the post-click experience.

Pre-click is only the first experience hence we use that term.

Post-click is when everything that happens after the prospect clicks on your ad. This includes, load time, usability, skimmable text, informational images, message match. These are just a few examples of what can impact the conversion.


Landing Pages that Optimize Post Click Experience

Below are some of the most important things which feature on the landing page and boost the odds of converting your visitors.


1:1 Conversion Ratio

Attention span is shorter than ever and your landing page is competing with innumerable distractions. So the last thing you need to add is more distraction to the prospect’s situation. When your landing page had a navigation link in the header, footer or anywhere in between you will give them another reason to leave the page.


Message Match

Shockingly, 97% of the ad clicks do not end into a conversion and the major reason is trust. If an ad is your business’s first impression then your prospect will expect the landing page to match the expectation set with the ad.

For example, if your ad says “ How to increase revenue with Advertising” then your landing page should also say the same thing. This is applicable not only in content but also for logos, images, and videos.


White Space

When a white space is used well it is not noticeable at all. This makes it hard to know what a good usage of white space looks like. However, inexperienced designers think that every inch of space needs to be covered with a badge, image but simplicity is the key. The neater the design, the more graceful it looks.

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21 Feb

Funny Thoughts of Indians on what they feel about Digital Marketing

Bet anyone who has been in digital marketing career has faced this once a while in their career path. I am sure anyone can relate to this well. So stick tight and enjoy the fun roller coaster ride ahead which awaits you!

Working in a Digital Marketing Agency is like going out on dinner with a bunch of friends. No matter how many new options you throw at them they will still order ‘One Masala Dosa’ at the end.

Then there are other clients who will blow up with impatience sitting in an air-conditioned room when it has only been a couple of minutes.

There are those clients as well who love what we have BUT do not want it. We also have a handful of clients who want us to think out of the box but are on a budget crunch!

thoughts of indians

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16 Feb

10 Hilarious Digital Marketing jokes to break the Ice with your Audience!

Who says that writing articles is a serious work? Writers love to crack a couple of jokes from time to time.  In life as well, sometimes it is better to start off with a joke to break the ice. One can attach with the audience on the emotional side as well. This will increase your chance of engaging with the audience.

Below are a few posts which you can use in your next post.

John: I have a ton of followers but still need help in improving social media engagement

Mary: Just misspell something.

A vegetarian and SEO walk into a bar…

Who will talk about organic first?

How do you get people to notice you?

You really have to make an impression.

What is a pirate’s favorite content format?

The WebinaRRRR… preferably, B2Sea.

Why the marketer boyfriend got dumped?

Due to lack of engagement.

Why did the marketing couple refuse to get married?

Because they were not on the same landing page.

What does the SEO professional do when she sees twins?

Duplicated content

Which is the best place to hide a body?

The 2nd page of Google.

Why did the social media marketer get kicked out of the bowling alley?

She kept trying to sponsor the pins.

Why digital marketing people hate trampolines?

Because they have a high bounce rate.

Adding one liners such as these can add some humor to the content and the reader can enjoy reading.

Here is a bonus one liner: “ For every action, there is a reaction, plus a social media reaction”.

Want to see more? Keep reading our articles as we will keep posting such one liners from time to time.

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07 Feb

How to Write Content Which Increases Website Traffic Over Time?

Content Marketing is considered the backbone of digital marketing today. One can invest each month on PPC ads to increase traffic or invest some time and money on quality content which will help to increase your traffic in the coming times. Let us see how!


Content Marketing is sorta inbound marketing

Content Marketing falls under inbound marketing campaign but not all inbound marketing is necessarily content marketing.

When one creates content online like a blog, social media, videos and posts one can work on attracting a specific audience. The content one writes should be relevant and interested. Plus it should add value to the brand and the audience.


If you blog, they will come!

The first rule of good content – Stop being sales-y! Pushiness is a big turnoff and a modern buyer can turn you off pretty fast. If your website is a giant digital brochure, there is little incentive for the potential leads to keep coming back. Instead one should focus on churning out videos, blog, and social media posts.

One should try to provide information and resources. Identify a problem and offer potential solutions. Do not be afraid to include inbound links to your website. Also, the blogs need not be boring they can have a sense of wittiness in them.


The Compound Effect of Content Marketing

Ideal content stays relevant beyond the publication date which results in lead generation and traffic. So try to make the most of your content and make it evergreen. If you are a small and medium-sized company do not slave yourself to generate new content day and night. Let your old work do the work of brand new content for you.

Acknowledging your visitor’s issue foster’s trust. That is what content is all about! So, make use of it today and hire the right professional to do the job for you!

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