01 Feb

Top 5 Examples of Killer Landing Page Examples

Since 2016, mobile traffic has outshined desktop traffic. As more traffic keeps pouring in having a good landing page has become even more important. This does not mean having a landing page which is mobile friendly. It means creating a landing page which is meant for mobile users rather than an afterthought of a desktop page. Let us see the best landing pages below. 



The goal of a landing page is simple. Getting the users to convert what you have for them to sell. But getting someone to sign in to your form is not simple. One needs to test the CTA buttons for months in order get the conversion moving.

Mobile users get distracted easily. On an average, a mobile user spends at least 5 hours on the mobile. 



This platform is a CRM and marketing automation solution for SME companies. The landing page of Infusionsoft offer clear benefit for the site visitor. The design is clean and consistent in branding with proper use of graphics. All these things contribute to the user experience and trust during the building process. 



No matter what the goal of your campaign is a great landing page needs to push your visitor to take specific action. The most eye-catching here are the CTA which are both eye grabbing and offers amazing copy.

So why are they so great?

Amazing color contrast for the background and the CTA and the button pops out against the background. The other elements of the page create an impression of pointing at the button. The main value and sub-headlines size correspond with the CTA button. Everything is placed strategically. 



The human span is for over 8 seconds and it takes 50 mili seconds for the brain to come to judgment. This is how long it takes for the brain to take it or leave it. This is how we can scan the websites for the most relevant information. The design of Mint makes great use of whitespace making the value proposition and the registration box so appealing to the visitors.



This platform is ideal for those who are budget conscious and looking to avoid monthly payment commitments. It is designed to work exclusively with Word Press, but if you are building a site on the platform it is a great choice. The features are quite extensive which makes it a great option for those creating website with paid subscriptions.

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22 Jan

Now Rate Your Opinion on Instagram in a Cool Way!

Instagram introduced a new feature which lets you rate your opinion on various topics by moving the emojis along the sliding scale.

These emojis are now available for use in stories will give a new approach to the poll stickers on Instagram. The slider lets you ask more nuanced questions to your friends. The user can choose an emoji for the question and add a layer of emotion that helps to answer understanding your tone and answer accordingly.

blog post

To add an emojis slider to your story select from the sticker after taking the video or photo. Place it wherever you like and write down your question. Once it is done, set the emoji which matches best with your question’s mood. The user can pick from the popular emojis or choose any emoji from the library if they have something specific in mind. With the help of poll stickers, family and friends will be able to respond to the slider as soon as you have shared it.

When you see an emoji in your story, simply drag to the left or right and watch it change as you make your decision.  Release the emoji to set your response and you will see the current average of how others have responded so far.

Whether you looking for input or just want to see who is around such tools can help you come close with your friends and family. Recently, Instagram has added “Usage Insights” which will help the users to know how much time they have spent on the social media app.

This new feature is still under testing phase and it is not the only company building this feature. Google and Apple are also on the same path. Google will be adding a “shush” button to temporarily switch off notifications.

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17 Jan

How to Get the Local Market to Connect on Social Media

In order to get into the social media marketing of the local market, one should understand the features popular here. Once that is understood, one can focus on the power of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to expand the influential people in the local market.


Connect with people on Facebook

Over 1.4 million people are on Facebook but only a fraction of them live near you. However, there are many ways through which one can conquer the low organic reach of the Facebook.

  • Promote the check-ins on Facebook for your business – When people come and check-in they are giving the visibility in the news feed. It depends on the business of how one wants to showcase the check-ins. One can either incentivize or just showcase reminders to check-in. This is a great way to promote business in the local market.
  • Boost your posts from time to time – Some targeting tools are available on Facebook which includes the ability to target the lists uploaded through Facebook Ads. One should target the segmented and targeted email list to make sure that they see your posts.
  • Promote events – Hosting the local events on social media can help to boost it a big time. Create a Facebook event from time to time to get the notifications and engage the audience.


Connect with communities on Twitter

Many do not consider Twitter the social colossus that Facebook has become, but it can really be valuable to the local market. One can use a catchy header icon so that people can recognize your brand with it.

  • Use Twitter’s advanced search – For example, if you have your own bakery in town, then simply type “bakery” or “bakers” to know the audience within over 25-30 kilometers radius.


Find Leads on LinkedIn

The business-focused social media platform makes it easy to find people in a jiffy. For examples, you want to find HR Professionals, search for HR and then use filters accordingly.

  • Join Communities – The communities on LinkedIn are really active and all the professional people take time out to respond and participate in them.


Promote your business on Instagram

People who have a strong visual business, Instagram would be the right platform to use. Like Twitter, the Instagram profile has some amazing local branding options as well.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are others which can be used for targeting like Pinterest, Reddit, Blab, and Periscope. All these platforms use methods to target your extended neighborhood.

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09 Jan

Digital Marketing Future Predictions

Many companies have decided to make frameworks for understanding that digital marketing is not able to get the most out of it. The frameworks should be revised every 12-24 months to make sure about the relevancy and be prepared to change it.

Previously, digital marketing consisted of emails, campaigns, digital advertisements, and blog publishing. The focus is to increase the visitors on the website but not focus was given to lead conversion or relationship building.

Now below implementations have come into the picture after interest shifts to more sales than an online presence.


Integrated Approach

Inbound and Outbound Marketing should now be combined. Here, we can call it a warm calling as someone has come in after reading a blog. The company can follow with them after a few days on email by sharing meaningful content.


Marketing is not creative anymore

The marketing aspect of the company needs to be integrated and designed correctly. A single social media tool cannot be used and neither CRM can be used as a solution anymore. All factors play an important role in the management and proper functioning of the team.


Marketing Roles Evolving

All the roles are not limited to the Chief Information Officer. A company’s Chief Marketing Officer needs to know about how to implement different marketing automation which not only helps to execute but also help to measure complete ROI.


Complete digital marketing strategy

A detailed marketing strategy includes data mining and use of Artificial intelligence including machine learning. When one has an Omnichannel strategy all different mediums can be used and one is not limited to one medium alone.


Driving factors for a complete experience

The consumers are looking in for quick digital content experience with quick access. Once the consumers get access to the content, they want to engage with it quickly which fits their needs. As rightly put, “Content is King” is ruling the digital marketing industry. Customers are always looking to increase their customer experience. A complete 360-degree approach works best for complete customer satisfaction.

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04 Jan

Guide to SEO and Social Media Success

A common initiative amongst start-ups is to have an active social media platform. In addition, every executive thinks the need to have content that is viral. One cannot simply presume the content to go viral, instead, the strategy should be to follow the league.

In order to gain followers and likes, work on the content type that is already going viral. But for this to work, one has to have active social media platforms. One should not think of having hundreds of followers but should think of real followers.

Social Media Accounts

The first step is to have social media accounts across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. The social media platforms are all high authority websites which can help to rank in SEO. The more content you post, the better are your chances to climb the SEO ladder.

Target customers

Find the right audience as they are already online and redirect them to what you are offering. Make a list of all leaders in your niche and start following them.

Follow your competitor’s audience

Once you know your target audience, it is time to follow them. Spend time identifying the people and what is keeping them engaged. Your goal should be to spend 30 days in adding 200 people by following a few thousand people. Once you have done it, you should expect a good following back.

Take advantage of the viral content

Already viral content will help to generate tons of traffic to the website. Want to know what news is gaining a lot of attention? Go to Google News and search for your niche to understand what your target audience is reading. On the other side, one can visit YouTube and search for viral videos and post it on all social media.

Make changes in the viral content

If you find a news article going viral it’s time to leverage it. Don’t forget to add an image as well. Once you tweak the viral content, you can publish it on your website. One can apply the same strategy to the current videos as well. One can also create a new piece of content and add it to your existing video.

Why does my company need social media marketing?

Your target audience is already online and already interacting on social media platforms. They might be already interacting with your competitors and if your company is not around to answer others will take over.

Social media is not just for posting content but also for building relationships. These relationships can be the turning point for customer service. The transformation from passive to active and live interactive web has changed how people and businesses interact. Hence, it would be safe to say that brand presence online is important for any business if they want to be in the game.

One should leverage the opportunity and increase the authority of the website to influence and engage your audience. In addition, the data a company would receive is invaluable.

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26 Dec

Our Grand Annual Day Celebrations

Corporate annual day celebrations are a good time for family gets together and complete employee engagement. Higher morale, sense of belonging, networking with colleagues are a few things which have been consistently delivered with the annual day so far.

The entire set of the event was developed on the Christmas theme. Each year we celebrate our annual day on the 25th December as that was the day when the company was started. The set comprised of wonderful Christmas decorations and the arrangements helped to enhance the overall look.

EStreet Annual Day kick started with some wise words from the Director of the company. The day was jam packed with activities, where the employees actively took part. After the formal introduction of the company, our most talented girls performed a Bhangra.

bhangra performance
bhangra performance

After the fun filled performance, it was time to acknowledge the most valued clients in the company. The award titles were as follows: –

Making a Difference
Making a Difference
Jyoti Menon

She is a fighter. With her hard work EStreet established itself as first Google certified company in Jalandhar. She is humble, ambitious, and confident and has all the leadership qualities.

Employee Of The Year
Employee Of The Year
Vishal Gupta

What to say about this winner. He is doing great job and dedicates most of his team in creating graphic designing for all the clients.

Best Team Leader
Best Team Leader
Parveen Kumari

“She has the ability to take her team to next level. Her team enjoys every moment with each other and performs their responsibilities very well”.

Shining Star
Shining Star
Tania Thakur

She work with great enthusiasm. She dedicates all her time to her company not in office hours but outside office hours.

Exceeding Expectations
Exceeding Expectations
Shivani Uppal

She always takes her work on priority. She has all the qualities of a good employee including punctuality, positive attitude, dedication and flexibility

Constant Contributor
Constant Contributor
Sonal Maheshwari

She has all the qualities of what a company needs. She represents her company in very good impressions to the client. After research of more than 2 years we found you who is well behaved, polite, disciplined and self-motivated.

Best Team
Best Team
Social Media Optimization Team

Best team includes individual that are working together in a professional and creative way for organizational goals. This team is unique in its way and handles every assigned job very effectively and dedicatedly.

Sales Champ
Sales Champ

“No word” can explain her ability in sales. She is gem for EStreet. She established EStreet Company in Local market commendable job by herself.

Best Performer
Best Performer
Ramandeep Kaur

She dedicates all her time in completing her task and also supports her team to work together.

Best Salesmanship
Best Salesmanship

He joins our team before 2 months ago but plays an important role in our company and proves his dedication towards his work.

Rookie Rockstar
Rookie Rockstar
Jasleen Kaur

As the name suggests itself, this award is for newcomer. She is doing her job very effectively with great enthusiasm.

Flexible Employee
Flexible Employee
Indu Thakur

She is multi tasker. She handles admin, HR and finance part very effectively. We are proud of you.

Once the awards were given away, it was now time to relish the 3 years’ time of the company by cutting a cake. We had a great time taking selfie and photos using photo frames and emojis.

Next, it was time to bring in the most awaited surprise element of the day. Our latest and most beloved business launch of “Jugnu Pixel”. It was heart-warming and relieving to be able to bring forth this business for others.

Our clients made us proud by gracing the event with their presence. We are really thankful to them for taking time out and coming at our event.

Post lunch we had a small outdoor activity where we invited all to take part in it. The entire video was captured by drone and our photographer did a wonderful job of taking some amazing snaps.

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18 Aug

Independence Day Celebrations at EStreet Office


Festivities help to break the office monotony and at EStreet we understand the importance of maintaining work and life balance. Hence, Independence Day celebrations became a great excuse to take a break and enjoy with the team. We started the celebrations by decorating our office with balloons and ribbons. The decorations brought back the feeling of patriotism and channeled the essence of Independence.

Also, ethnic wear glamorized the entire ambiance. Everyone tried their best to look stunning but at the end, our beloved HR Manager, Ms. Indu Thakur bagged away the title of “Best Ethnic Wear -Women” at the end of the day. Mr. Ashok took away the title of “Best Ethnic Wear- Men”.Post decorations, we got together as a team and played a few rounds of ‘Charades’ and ‘Truth and Dare’. We interacted with other team members and had a fun filled time.

Food… Glorious Food!
To add the cherry on the cake, we enjoyed some of the most mouth-watering dishes for lunch. The all-time favorites like ‘Dhoklas’, ‘Samosas’ and ‘Gulab Jamun’s’ added to the flavors. After a heart-filled lunch, it was time for Round 2. The feeling of competition set in and everyone played ‘Only to Win’ this time. The game was simple, take as many balloons possible at the end of the line within a given timeframe. We got together in pairs and started the game. Many came and went, but Amritpal and Sunil won the game despite our boss pricking their balloon half way through.

The winners of the games received boxes of Cadbury. It was interesting to see the winners sharing their favorite chocolate with other team members. It might be a small gesture, but it shows our unity and love for each other. One of members said, “Chocolates cannot be eaten alone; it is enjoyed more when shared with others”. This brought a smile on everyone’s faces.

At EStreet, we understand the importance of engaging everyone in different activities for keeping everyone refreshed and bringing the team closure to work together.

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12 May

Do you really need SEO Services?


Ranking on top across search engines is not important unless it contributes to such valuable metrics as sales, traffic, leads and profits. It is possible to rank on top without attracting any traffic. It also is possible to get a lot of traffic that does not lead to sales. The issue is compounded by a scenario where a lot of sales do not lead to profit. Where is the mistake then?

Too much focus on ranking has taken focus away from the most important issues. Every business is looking for the most cost effective path towards greater profitability. The idea therefore is to work from the current profit backwards.

Conversion rate
By evaluating the sales process, you will identify the entry point for most leads. Alongside this is the most profitable product. These are the anchors that will drive your profits. These products and processes should therefore inform your SEO strategy. The aim is to capture the attention of anyone viewing your site on search engines or landing pages. By selecting the best SEO company USA, you will enjoy the advantage of such packages as Conversion Rate Optimization.

My Key Words
Traditionally, SEO focused on few ‘golden keywords’ in each area. This remains the key to top ranking on all search engines but contributes to less than 10% of your web traffic. This has led to the emergence of longer phrases that are more specific. This means that you require secondary keywords to boost traffic to your site from search engines.

High quality content
Content is not for search engines but for your readers. This is why quality is emphasized. It is the value in the content that will enable readers to share it on social media or email to friends. Meeting the expectations of your visitors in terms of content gives credibility to your site such that visitors can return.

The Price
To get results from SEO related campaigns it is a must that you spend. This enables your marketers to run niche, highly focused and local SEO campaigns that will bring returns. You will be required to spend in excess of 2000 dollars a month go get good results. Do not be over expectant that SEO will turn round your business in three months. You will require a long term strategy, investment and consistent effort.

What do I do Next?
The solution lies in evaluating your marketing strategy. Engage professionals who deliver value for money. If you do not have the resources to run a fully fledged SEO related campaign, check online and find tricks on how to run such a campaign through your internal department.

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04 May

Effective Digital Marketing Through Social Media Optimization


Effective Digital Marketing Through Social Media Optimization Social media has made it easier and economical to sell goods and services all over the world without spending a fortune. An ordinary website or social media account does not add any value to your business unless it is optimized. Dedicated web design and development companies customize your website to increase your advantage on social media. The advantages include increased visibility during a search and inclusion in posts on blogs, blogs and podcasts. This marketing strategy will deliver incredibleresults over a short time and reduce your expenses.

The advantages of social media optimization for clients include :-

 Easy Linkability
This technique makes it easier for visitors to link you to social media sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram. The ability to share the content of your website makes you visible among followers and friends. The website appears friendly and attractive on social media. This will drive traffic towards the site and increase the number of visitors making enquiries. It is an economical way of converting visitors into clients.

Simplify tagging and bookmarking
This is done through inclusion of quick buttons on different pages. Specialist web development services providers incorporate the right tools that suggest the right tags when sharing. It makes content beyond the front page visible. Inner pages are more specific and therefore likely to attract more and genuine attention. Bookmarking will allow your visitors to return to the site later in case they saw the content while in a hurry.

 Rewarding inbound links
Inbound links are crucial for ranking which is essential for online visibility and credibility. The links increase the time spent within your site which introduces the visitors to more products and services. Linking the site to more blogs makes it more visible as well as providing fresh content every time the visitor lands on your website.

 Increase content travel
Specialist web design and development companies encrypt tools that make it easy to share portable files. This will simplify your process of sharing videos, pdf and audio files. These files offer more details to clients which makes it easier to sell your products. They are presented in a friendly manner that makes them irresistible. They do not appear like spam or compromised files. Visitors easily click on them which makes their browsing experience rewarding.

 Enhancing Mashup
This is a technique that allows co-creation of content. It means that other people can cut and paste it on their sites. The idea is common with YouTube and has helped to grow traffic on different sites. RSS is being used to syndicate content with the aim of augmenting your own traffic.

Social media optimization is constantly evolving. Dedicated companies invest heavily in research and mastery of the best tools and techniques to maximize social media platforms. They are updated on the latest developments and understand the social media market. They will personalize your site to capture the attention of genuine visitors and therefore increase your global reach. Working with seasoned and dedicated technicians offers incredible rewards to your business.

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27 Apr

Essence of E-Commerce Web Design USA Service

There are many reasons why you should hire the best e-commerce web design USA service. Today, electronic commerce or e-commerce is a common means of selling products. Many people are engaging in different transactions through the internet. As such, there are thousands of e-commerce websites on the internet. This implies that for any business to achieve its goals, it must have an e-commerce website.

Nevertheless, for an e-commerce to serve its intended purpose properly, it must be designed professionally. It must be functional, effective, interactive and efficient. Currently, there are new trends in the design of e-commerce websites. This is why you should consider enlisting the help of professionals to design your e-commerce website.

Why hire the service of professional e-commerce web designers

Professional e-commerce web designers in USA are knowledgeable and experienced in designing quality and unique e-commerce websites. By enlisting their service, your business stands to enjoy several benefits.

They include :

Reduced operational cost: Professional web designers come up with a quality e-commercewebsite that requires little capital. This website reduces the cost that your business would incur in establishing business premises. Issues of location and promoting the business are greatly reduced by an e-commerce website because it is easily accessible through the internet where your customers can easily order products from.
 Increased customers: An e-commerce website designed by professional designer has innovative features that will attract more customers. This implies that your business will draw customers from different places to buy your products through the e -commerce website.
 Convenience and speed: Expert designers create an e-commerce website whose innovative features enhance convenience and speed for your customers. This will enhance the experience of your customers because they will be able to purchase your products from any location through the internet.
 Reduced entry barriers: If you are entering a new market, professional e-commerce web designers will help you overcome the existing market entry barriers. This is because they have been designing e-commerce websites for a long time. They know what will make your ecommerce website unique and how to design it.

Whether you are starting a business or you run an already established local business, having a good ecommerce website can play a very important role of boosting the overall performance of your business. Nevertheless, you should enlist the service of the best e-commerce web development company to have a professionally designed website that will serve the intended purpose effectively.

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