28 Jun

7 Funniest Brands on Twitter

Did you know, 72% of the people want brands to have a fun social media page? On the contrary, 88% do not like when brands make fun of them. But, we are not all born comedians which make the task difficult. Hence, you will have to be smarter when it comes to comical tweets.

If you do get it right, there is a chance of you going viral with your posts. Not just that, you can also develop a strong following as well. So, below are some of the funniest brands on Twitter.


Moosejaw has all the jokes when it comes to their social media posts. Once you see their timeline, you can see the personality of the brand shining through. It does not seem like a brand is tweeting, but more like a friend posting on social media.


Who does not love Netflix today! In addition, their tweets make you enjoy the brand even more. The best tweet so far has come from the memes, GIFs, funny moments from their shows. So, whats so special? They fire their own jokes and use their own content for it.


KFC have really tender and crisp jokes on Twitter. In fact, all their tweets revolve around their brand in one way or the other. Just like Netflix, their brands get deeply embedded in every joke they make.


Oreo has a different way to inject humor into their jokes. They play with influencers and celebrities. These tweets have the LOL factor along with being cool.


Brits somehow have a weird and emotional connection with Greggs. In addition, Brits know this and they play with it on Twitter. They are so good at interacting with the brand that the people have an immovable impression of them on their heads.


Wendy’s post went viral last year once they started beef along with other brands. Unsurprisingly, today, they are still at it. People enjoy a little shade and sarcasm as long as it does not go too far. So, if people choose to follow them.. great. Even if they do not, well, they are still talking about them.

National Library of Scotland

This page is really hilarious and one would not have expected from a page like this. They post countless funny Scots which they totally makeup but are in fact real! It is funny for the Scots who are really attached with the words. In addition, they make smart cultural jokes as well.

No doubt, intelligent jokes will attract an intelligent audience which may be more suited to your brand. This could be beneficial as you can expect more followers who can take interest in what you are selling.

The road to twitter starts with a few well-constructed jokes. If your Twitter account following has fallen dramatically, there are no second thoughts of spending more on Twitter. If you plan to make Twitter your go to the page, make sure that your jokes are funny, relatable and incorporate your brand into it.

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23 Jun

TV App by Instagram where one can post 1-hour long video!

YouTube has some brand new competition in the field with Instagram. During a cool and flashy event in San Francisco, the company announced that the company will allow 1-hour long video posting as compared to 1 minute uploads now.

For this, Instagram will be starting IGTV which will have an accessible button inside the Instagram home screen. This includes a standalone app which will include popular videos from Instagram celebrities. At the event CEO Kevin Systrom said that it is time for the video to move forward and evolve. The idea behind IGTV is to watch long-form videos from the people you love.


From our CEO @kevin: “Today, we have two big announcements to share. First, Instagram is now a global community of one billion! Since our launch in 2010, we’ve watched with amazement as the community has flourished and grown. This is a major accomplishment — so from all of us at Instagram, thank you! Second, we’re announcing our most exciting feature to date: IGTV, a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators, like LaurDIY (@laurdiy) posting her newest project or King Bach (@kingbach) sharing his latest comedy skit. While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you’ll also be able to watch from within the Instagram app so the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start. IGTV is different in a few ways. First, it’s built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical. Also, unlike on Instagram, videos aren’t limited to one minute. Instead, each video can be up to an hour long. We made it simple, too. Just like turning on the TV, IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don’t have to search to start watching content from people you already follow on Instagram and others you might like based on your interests. You can swipe up to discover more — switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” You can also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct. Also like TV, IGTV has channels. But, in IGTV, the creators are the channels. When you follow a creator on Instagram, their IGTV channel will show up for you to watch. Anyone can be a creator — you can upload your own IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your own channel. Instagram has always been a place to connect with the people who inspire, educate and entertain you every day. With your help, IGTV begins a new chapter of video on Instagram. We hope it brings you closer to the people and things you love. IGTV will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.

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How IGTV works?

Anyone can create videos and that does not just include big celebrities. People will be able to upload hour-long videos immediately except the ones who have new accounts. The IGTV app is available on both Android and Apple today through a TV-shaped button above Stories. Systrom explained that they created a dedicated app so that you can tap and play it without any distractions.


Through the IGTV app viewers will be able to swipe through many options of long-form videos. This includes swiping up to visit a browser tab for personally recommended videos, and the option of continuing to watch old videos already started.

Users will also be getting callout button alerting them about the new content. IGTV also lets the creators create different channels full of their different videos to which people can subscribe to. The creators will be able to put the links in the description of the videos to drive sales elsewhere.

For today, there are no ads on IGTV app but they will be at the end for a reasonable price and place. Since the creators are investing time on IGTV videos, he wants to make sure that they are sustainable by offering a way to monetize in the future.

Instagram will not be paying the creators directly for making videos, unlike Facebook. With over 1 billion users on Instagram, IGTV will be popular with creators who are not trying to earn money but grow an audience. However, IGTV will be building a monetization option which will include revenue shares as well.

igtv works

insta igtvhe big user base can attract advertisers and according to eMarketer, Instagram will earn $5.48 billion in the USA alone in present year. Facebook loves the idea of premium ad inventory which businesses crave as they shift away from the TV. As of today, the share price of Facebook is up by 2.2% to almost $202.

With the latest evolution, Instagram has seen to go beyond the initial simplicity of just filtering photos and sharing them. When it launched mobile screens and cameras the market was not ready for long-term videos. As more families and teens switch towards online content Instagram has the opportunity to be the TV of mobile.

No doubt, YouTube will have a wider breadth of content, but with the curation of publishers and creators video content. One can expect Instagram to be a reliable place to watch something great on small screen.

The Origins

Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has grown more than 5 times the size of Snapchat. Today, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. This new addition was expected from Instagram for a very long time. Now, the company has scooped itself into this finally during the recent food and influencer filled event.

IGTV will all be pre-recorded and not live although Ashley Yuki mentioned that live video is something the company will look into for the future.

Unlike the main Instagram app which shows “Stories” on top of the page, IGTV will appear as a series of rectangular thumbnails at the bottom of creator’s page. Once you tap on it, the video goes full screen.

On the low left corner of each video, there are same 3 icons that you see on Instagram, i.e., a heart, comment and share tools. These three will have the same functionality. IGTV approach of Instagram is something similar it did with Boomerang. As for now, IGTV will stay as an app and feature within the main Instagram app. The decision is reflective of an overall Facebook strategy. The social network splits off the messenger service from its core app in 2014.

But the two app strategy might change if the video plan hits off well with teens. Through the entire event, Instagram made everything clear that it was supporting the decision of long-form video. They appealed to the young generation who use videos a lot.

The company claims that the present generation is watching less TV as compared to 5 years ago. The tools used on TV are out-dated and out of time said Systrom. Think about it, we watch TV in the form of vertical screen. His claim of the vertical screen might be immature at the moment, as Netflix and other forms offer vertical videos.

For both consumption and content, IGTV is completely up against YouTube. Instagram is already an established place in terms of creators and users. In order to start with, there won’t be any ads right now – but they are coming!

Apart from Ads, there are some key differences between IGTV and YouTube as products. Off late, YouTube has become successful and premiere online place for first digital creators of music and television content. Its horizontal videos make natural sense for music, videos and late night show clips.

YouTube has been around since 2006 and is “the” place to go to for searching videos. Over the years, YouTube has created a great platform for content creators. Today, it is the default search engine for videos. Facebook Live, Watch or the videos have not caused any dent in the YouTube user base. Today, Instagram has managed to reel in many Snapchat users to its platform which could be great for the company.

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10 May

Around 44% People Using Facebook has Recently Changed Their Privacy Settings!!

Cambridge Analytica data scandal has attracted a lot of negative coverage for Facebook. Advertisers have not curtailed their spending and are mostly staying put. According to Marketing Land, a poll was conducted at the end of April among a sample of just over 2000 social media users.

In the sample, there were over 1000 Twitter and Instagram users. The key question asked was, “Have you changed your frequency of Facebook usage?” 74% said they used the site once a day and around 26% said they use the site more than once.

Around 23% report about using Facebook less recently. This breaks down to as follows:

18% – Use it less

4% – Stopped using it but still have an account

1% – Deleted the account

Addition 2% people said they did not own a Facebook account.

As per the recent earnings announcements by Facebook, there was 13% increase in the Facebook usage year over year. Monthly active users totaled up to 2.2 billion and these figures are global. In USA and Canada, the growth rate is flat. In total, there are 185 million daily users which remained unchanged from last year.

Other questions faced by the users include, “Are you aware of the recent privacy changes on Facebook?”

74% – Yes

16% – No

10% – Don’t Know

Around 78% said they knew how to change their privacy settings on Facebook and only 22% said no.

The surveys generally reveal a bell curve when it comes to the privacy setting. Some users are highly concerned, some do not care and the rest are in the middle. They express concern but not enough for a behavioral change.

In this survey, people were trying to exercise some control over their privacy setting but were under the impression that they could not.

However, a new WhatsApp update includes a feature which allows Instagram and Facebook videos to be played on the chat messenger. So, now when you are chatting with someone, you will not have to leave the app to watch the video.

Facebook has been working for a while now to integrate both the platforms to give users more user-friendly controls to the content of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Last year the company allowed the users to post their stories on Facebook. A recent report has shown that people can now post their Instagram stories on WhatsApp as well.

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30 Apr

7 Things We Learn About Team Work from Avengers

Becoming a part of the team is tough when one is used to working solo. Avengers gave us a huge bunch of personality in terms of superheroes to look upon. Each has their own motivational goals and personalities. As seen in the last movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers, they teach us a lot about teamwork. Let us look at a few of them.


Don’t blame and don’t fight!

Black widow is observant, Iron Man is creative, Thor is all about power, Captain America is all about righteousness and Hulk is all about muscles. Each superpower contributes in its own special way. They work their way up through different junctions and get them to achieve what they want.


Throw away your egos

Each person has a dark side and so do you! Just because you know everything it does not mean you can make others feel small. Think as a team and rather than just thinking about yourself.


Celebrate small wins

When the safe house of Hydra was destroyed Avengers gained vital intelligence. For Thor, it was a reason to celebrate. In a similar fashion, once should celebrate small victories so that all in the team know about it. It also boosts the morale and gives the strength to move ahead.


Never underestimate the ones who are shy!

Everyone has someone who is shy and quiet. But when it comes to their expertise, there is no one better than them. You should never let them hide in the corner. Bring them forth and speak to them one-on-one. They might not like the attention but can contribute to the team. Here, we see the Hawkeye and Black Widow were the quiet ones in the group.


Solve your problems in a constructive manner

It is easy and tempting to use harsh words towards each other. But it will be more productive to talk with others about what is wrong and come to an agreement. Make them realize the common goal everyone is fighting for. Bring them to the same place so they can contribute in the best way possible.


Final Thoughts!

Think about it! Captain America understood that each one is different and made sure that they play their best when New York was attacked. But, if Iron Man had informed the team in advance about him building an AI then there would not have been chaos or damage caused in the first place.

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21 Mar

Why Does Digital Marketing not Work for you?

Over the past few years of our experience in digital marketing, we have seen many businesses. However, some of them feel that their business model is too unique for internet marketing. So if you think you are one of them, see what needs to be fixed and what is stopping you from coming on the digital platform.


Resistance to Change

When setting out a foot in the local market, many companies feel they do not even need a good website. Today, a good website is not only necessary, it is imperative. It is the same case with the social media. Many businesses are calling for their own demise but not coming to a social media platform. Yes, we understand that change is scary and uncomfortable, but it is inevitable.

If you are not ready yet, seek out some tutorials and familiarise yourself with the concept. This helps you fight the fear of the unknown and give you the confidence of implementing it on a small scale.



Many companies are lacking the training and the knowledge which results in a huge waste of time and energy. The world is in a pace of constant change which requires the marketers to learn, adjust their strategies and research on a continual basis.

Find a freelancer or a company which can perform a test for you so you will know if you want to dip your toes into this space or not.


Low-Quality Content

Many times, it is hard to figure out the success of a good digital marketing. Well, the “secret ingredient” is content marketing. Without good content, digital marketing cannot succeed. Creative content is the key to cutting through the noise and getting heard.


Unrealistic Expectations and Undefined Goals

Before beginning to work on the marketing campaign, one needs to set realistic goals and expectations, in order to accomplish what you have been waiting for. The modern digital marketer is testing many thousands of ad groups which are looking to hit at the right place. However, this does not happen overnight.

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14 Mar

The Big Trends of Social Media 2018

Just like other years, 2018 will continue to shake the digital marketing space. Hence it is important for your company to stay on top of things and stay ahead of them.

In 2018, 4 major trends will be affecting the digital marketing space. Hence it is important that the digital marketing agencies start to build their business around that space.


Advertising on Amazon

In 2018, Amazon is all set to challenge the duo of Google- Facebook. Especially as it is Amazon and not Google, it plays a central role in the online shopping space. Not just the shopping space, but Amazon also has other products like Prime Video, IMDB, Kindle, Echo, and Twitch.

Amazon will offer new ad formats in Ireland in 2018, expand advertising inventory and also most interestingly enter the search marketing space. This will be unique and will provide a great growth opportunity for online businesses as well.

Hence, it is time to incorporate Amazon into your business strategy.


Machine Learning

2018 will see many moving from manual to automated. Artificial Intelligence has reached a point where it makes sense to hand over the bidding process to the automated system. It considers numerous contextual factors like previous search locations, sites visited, etc.

AI can improve its performance hence it will be important to remember that ultimately it will be important for a human to ensure that eCPC campaigns are running smoothly.


Voice Over Devices

With the rise of in Home Devices and a shift from text to voice, the number of voice searches will increase in 2018.

At present, make sure that your brand has a presence through voice as an organic SEO rather than paid.



Without a doubt, GDPR will shake the digital marketing space and it is so important for the businesses to implement it to comply with the advances of the deadline. With GDPR, unless you stay ahead of the curve, your ad campaigns may be less targeted.

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22 Jan

Now Rate Your Opinion on Instagram in a Cool Way!

Instagram introduced a new feature which lets you rate your opinion on various topics by moving the emojis along the sliding scale.

These emojis are now available for use in stories will give a new approach to the poll stickers on Instagram. The slider lets you ask more nuanced questions to your friends. The user can choose an emoji for the question and add a layer of emotion that helps to answer understanding your tone and answer accordingly.

blog post

To add an emojis slider to your story select from the sticker after taking the video or photo. Place it wherever you like and write down your question. Once it is done, set the emoji which matches best with your question’s mood. The user can pick from the popular emojis or choose any emoji from the library if they have something specific in mind. With the help of poll stickers, family and friends will be able to respond to the slider as soon as you have shared it.

When you see an emoji in your story, simply drag to the left or right and watch it change as you make your decision.  Release the emoji to set your response and you will see the current average of how others have responded so far.

Whether you looking for input or just want to see who is around such tools can help you come close with your friends and family. Recently, Instagram has added “Usage Insights” which will help the users to know how much time they have spent on the social media app.

This new feature is still under testing phase and it is not the only company building this feature. Google and Apple are also on the same path. Google will be adding a “shush” button to temporarily switch off notifications.

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17 Jan

How to Get the Local Market to Connect on Social Media

In order to get into the social media marketing of the local market, one should understand the features popular here. Once that is understood, one can focus on the power of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to expand the influential people in the local market.


Connect with people on Facebook

Over 1.4 million people are on Facebook but only a fraction of them live near you. However, there are many ways through which one can conquer the low organic reach of the Facebook.

  • Promote the check-ins on Facebook for your business – When people come and check-in they are giving the visibility in the news feed. It depends on the business of how one wants to showcase the check-ins. One can either incentivize or just showcase reminders to check-in. This is a great way to promote business in the local market.
  • Boost your posts from time to time – Some targeting tools are available on Facebook which includes the ability to target the lists uploaded through Facebook Ads. One should target the segmented and targeted email list to make sure that they see your posts.
  • Promote events – Hosting the local events on social media can help to boost it a big time. Create a Facebook event from time to time to get the notifications and engage the audience.


Connect with communities on Twitter

Many do not consider Twitter the social colossus that Facebook has become, but it can really be valuable to the local market. One can use a catchy header icon so that people can recognize your brand with it.

  • Use Twitter’s advanced search – For example, if you have your own bakery in town, then simply type “bakery” or “bakers” to know the audience within over 25-30 kilometers radius.


Find Leads on LinkedIn

The business-focused social media platform makes it easy to find people in a jiffy. For examples, you want to find HR Professionals, search for HR and then use filters accordingly.

  • Join Communities – The communities on LinkedIn are really active and all the professional people take time out to respond and participate in them.


Promote your business on Instagram

People who have a strong visual business, Instagram would be the right platform to use. Like Twitter, the Instagram profile has some amazing local branding options as well.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are others which can be used for targeting like Pinterest, Reddit, Blab, and Periscope. All these platforms use methods to target your extended neighborhood.

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04 Jan

Guide to SEO and Social Media Success

A common initiative amongst start-ups is to have an active social media platform. In addition, every executive thinks the need to have content that is viral. One cannot simply presume the content to go viral, instead, the strategy should be to follow the league.

In order to gain followers and likes, work on the content type that is already going viral. But for this to work, one has to have active social media platforms. One should not think of having hundreds of followers but should think of real followers.

Social Media Accounts

The first step is to have social media accounts across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. The social media platforms are all high authority websites which can help to rank in SEO. The more content you post, the better are your chances to climb the SEO ladder.

Target customers

Find the right audience as they are already online and redirect them to what you are offering. Make a list of all leaders in your niche and start following them.

Follow your competitor’s audience

Once you know your target audience, it is time to follow them. Spend time identifying the people and what is keeping them engaged. Your goal should be to spend 30 days in adding 200 people by following a few thousand people. Once you have done it, you should expect a good following back.

Take advantage of the viral content

Already viral content will help to generate tons of traffic to the website. Want to know what news is gaining a lot of attention? Go to Google News and search for your niche to understand what your target audience is reading. On the other side, one can visit YouTube and search for viral videos and post it on all social media.

Make changes in the viral content

If you find a news article going viral it’s time to leverage it. Don’t forget to add an image as well. Once you tweak the viral content, you can publish it on your website. One can apply the same strategy to the current videos as well. One can also create a new piece of content and add it to your existing video.

Why does my company need social media marketing?

Your target audience is already online and already interacting on social media platforms. They might be already interacting with your competitors and if your company is not around to answer others will take over.

Social media is not just for posting content but also for building relationships. These relationships can be the turning point for customer service. The transformation from passive to active and live interactive web has changed how people and businesses interact. Hence, it would be safe to say that brand presence online is important for any business if they want to be in the game.

One should leverage the opportunity and increase the authority of the website to influence and engage your audience. In addition, the data a company would receive is invaluable.

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04 May

Effective Digital Marketing Through Social Media Optimization


Effective Digital Marketing Through Social Media Optimization Social media has made it easier and economical to sell goods and services all over the world without spending a fortune. An ordinary website or social media account does not add any value to your business unless it is optimized. Dedicated web design and development companies customize your website to increase your advantage on social media. The advantages include increased visibility during a search and inclusion in posts on blogs, blogs and podcasts. This marketing strategy will deliver incredibleresults over a short time and reduce your expenses.

The advantages of social media optimization for clients include :-

 Easy Linkability
This technique makes it easier for visitors to link you to social media sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram. The ability to share the content of your website makes you visible among followers and friends. The website appears friendly and attractive on social media. This will drive traffic towards the site and increase the number of visitors making enquiries. It is an economical way of converting visitors into clients.

Simplify tagging and bookmarking
This is done through inclusion of quick buttons on different pages. Specialist web development services providers incorporate the right tools that suggest the right tags when sharing. It makes content beyond the front page visible. Inner pages are more specific and therefore likely to attract more and genuine attention. Bookmarking will allow your visitors to return to the site later in case they saw the content while in a hurry.

 Rewarding inbound links
Inbound links are crucial for ranking which is essential for online visibility and credibility. The links increase the time spent within your site which introduces the visitors to more products and services. Linking the site to more blogs makes it more visible as well as providing fresh content every time the visitor lands on your website.

 Increase content travel
Specialist web design and development companies encrypt tools that make it easy to share portable files. This will simplify your process of sharing videos, pdf and audio files. These files offer more details to clients which makes it easier to sell your products. They are presented in a friendly manner that makes them irresistible. They do not appear like spam or compromised files. Visitors easily click on them which makes their browsing experience rewarding.

 Enhancing Mashup
This is a technique that allows co-creation of content. It means that other people can cut and paste it on their sites. The idea is common with YouTube and has helped to grow traffic on different sites. RSS is being used to syndicate content with the aim of augmenting your own traffic.

Social media optimization is constantly evolving. Dedicated companies invest heavily in research and mastery of the best tools and techniques to maximize social media platforms. They are updated on the latest developments and understand the social media market. They will personalize your site to capture the attention of genuine visitors and therefore increase your global reach. Working with seasoned and dedicated technicians offers incredible rewards to your business.

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