10 May

Around 44% People Using Facebook has Recently Changed Their Privacy Settings!!

Cambridge Analytica data scandal has attracted a lot of negative coverage for Facebook. Advertisers have not curtailed their spending and are mostly staying put. According to Marketing Land, a poll was conducted at the end of April among a sample of just over 2000 social media users.

In the sample, there were over 1000 Twitter and Instagram users. The key question asked was, “Have you changed your frequency of Facebook usage?” 74% said they used the site once a day and around 26% said they use the site more than once.

Around 23% report about using Facebook less recently. This breaks down to as follows:

18% – Use it less

4% – Stopped using it but still have an account

1% – Deleted the account

Addition 2% people said they did not own a Facebook account.

As per the recent earnings announcements by Facebook, there was 13% increase in the Facebook usage year over year. Monthly active users totaled up to 2.2 billion and these figures are global. In USA and Canada, the growth rate is flat. In total, there are 185 million daily users which remained unchanged from last year.

Other questions faced by the users include, “Are you aware of the recent privacy changes on Facebook?”

74% – Yes

16% – No

10% – Don’t Know

Around 78% said they knew how to change their privacy settings on Facebook and only 22% said no.

The surveys generally reveal a bell curve when it comes to the privacy setting. Some users are highly concerned, some do not care and the rest are in the middle. They express concern but not enough for a behavioral change.

In this survey, people were trying to exercise some control over their privacy setting but were under the impression that they could not.

However, a new WhatsApp update includes a feature which allows Instagram and Facebook videos to be played on the chat messenger. So, now when you are chatting with someone, you will not have to leave the app to watch the video.

Facebook has been working for a while now to integrate both the platforms to give users more user-friendly controls to the content of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Last year the company allowed the users to post their stories on Facebook. A recent report has shown that people can now post their Instagram stories on WhatsApp as well.

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