16 May

Why Web Has Become Less Friendly in 2018 as Compared to 2017?

Recent reports reveal that websites are less friendly as they were in comparison to 2017. Google has been warning the web publishers of the mobile-friendly index and the publishers have run to make the site friendly.

Why mobile sites are less friendly?

  • The average weight of Javascript has increased by 50.1%.
  • The average weight of CSS has increased by 36.8%.
  • The average weight of HTML needed to create a web page has increased by 117.5%.
  • The average weight of font downloads has increased by 18.3%.
  • The average weight of images has also increased by 13.9%.

Studies have also suggested that Internet has made people less religious and dogmatic. This is big news as information is available more widely which makes people think and change. It might be intuitive but still fascinating to see the reasoning behind it.

Because of the internet, a more partisan environment has been created with a rise of extremism. We have also seen people being less interested in organised religion in general.

Let us see some of the statistics of how internet has changed over a year!

  • 80% of the top Alexa websites were more mobile adaptive. So, if you want your website to perform well, it needs to be mobile optimised.
  • 51% of all digital budgets were spent on mobile.
  • By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of all the US digital ad spending.
  • Users on an average spend 69% of the media time on smartphones.
  • Google drives 96% of the mobile search followed by Yahoo at 2% and 1% on Bing.
  • Apps account for 89% of mobile media with the rest 11% spend on websites.
  • 71% of the marketers believe that mobile marketing is their core business.
  • 58% of the companies have a dedicated mobile marketing team.
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01 Feb

Top 5 Examples of Killer Landing Page Examples

Since 2016, mobile traffic has outshined desktop traffic. As more traffic keeps pouring in having a good landing page has become even more important. This does not mean having a landing page which is mobile friendly. It means creating a landing page which is meant for mobile users rather than an afterthought of a desktop page. Let us see the best landing pages below. 



The goal of a landing page is simple. Getting the users to convert what you have for them to sell. But getting someone to sign in to your form is not simple. One needs to test the CTA buttons for months in order get the conversion moving.

Mobile users get distracted easily. On an average, a mobile user spends at least 5 hours on the mobile. 



This platform is a CRM and marketing automation solution for SME companies. The landing page of Infusionsoft offer clear benefit for the site visitor. The design is clean and consistent in branding with proper use of graphics. All these things contribute to the user experience and trust during the building process. 



No matter what the goal of your campaign is a great landing page needs to push your visitor to take specific action. The most eye-catching here are the CTA which are both eye grabbing and offers amazing copy.

So why are they so great?

Amazing color contrast for the background and the CTA and the button pops out against the background. The other elements of the page create an impression of pointing at the button. The main value and sub-headlines size correspond with the CTA button. Everything is placed strategically. 



The human span is for over 8 seconds and it takes 50 mili seconds for the brain to come to judgment. This is how long it takes for the brain to take it or leave it. This is how we can scan the websites for the most relevant information. The design of Mint makes great use of whitespace making the value proposition and the registration box so appealing to the visitors.



This platform is ideal for those who are budget conscious and looking to avoid monthly payment commitments. It is designed to work exclusively with Word Press, but if you are building a site on the platform it is a great choice. The features are quite extensive which makes it a great option for those creating website with paid subscriptions.

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20 Apr

How to Choose to the Best E-Commerce Web Development Company

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet is offering you to reach out to the global market, you should hire the service of the best e-commerce web development company. An ecommerce website gives your business the advantage of reaching out to the global market. Unlike your local store, an e-commerce is available 24/7 without time or geographical restrictions. As such, if your company is yet to exploit this opportunity that the internet is availing to modern companies, you are losing a great deal of business opportunities.

Deciding to have an e-commerce website is definitely a great move. However, you should choose the best e-commerce website developers in order to have a great e-commerce website. There are many ecommerce web developers but they have their differences. These differences are what you need to consider before hiring an e-commerce website developer.

A company or a freelancer
While looking for an e-commerce web developer, you will come across individual e-commerce web developers and companies. It is advisable that you choose a company because it has more web developers. Thus, in case anything happens to a single developer, the others can take over and complete your project.

Company’s background
Consider the duration over which the company has been in existence. Find out whether the company has references or a portfolio of the e-commerce sites that it has developed in the past. A company that has been offering e-commerce development services for a long time is the best to contract with. This is because it has highly skilled web developers with vast experience.

Credibility level
Find out what other clients say about the e-commerce website development company before you enlist its service. Choose a reputable company because such reputable companies are always determined to satisfy their clients.

Quality of the service
From customer service and website design to website development and implementation, the company should maintain a high quality level for its services. This is very important because you want a service that is worth the value of every cent that you invest in it. Therefore, look for a company that guarantees you superior quality, flexible and comprehensive e-commerce website development services. A good e-commerce website development company will also ensure that the final website that you get
is fully customized. This ensures that the website serves the specific purpose for which your business needs it. Therefore, consider these factors to choose an e-commerce website development company that will create a quality e-commerce website for your business.

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13 Apr

How to Know the Best E-Commerce Web Design Company

If you need a good looking, effective and efficient e-commerce website, you should hire the service of the best E-commerce web design company. To enhance brand recognition, increase sales and generate more revenue for your business, you need an  e-commerce website with a unique and attractive design. Such a website will greatly enhance the competitiveness of your business on the internet.

Always remember that the first impression that visitors get from your website design will define the future growth of your business. Nevertheless, you might not have specific knowledge or time to design your website. Therefore, you should enlist the e-commerce web design service of professionals that you are confident in their ability to come up with a unique and compelling website.

Choose the right web design company
Designing a website is like designing a house. You will not be happy if your house crash immediately after completion simply because somebody designed it poorly. This is why you need to be careful when selecting the company to design your e-commerce website. Nevertheless, once you select the best web design company you are bound to get an effective and efficient e-commerce website.

To select the best company to design your e-commerce website, consider:

  •  Technological knowledge and experience: Look for a company that has experienced ecommerce web designers. These should be experts with experience in designing quality ecommerce websites. Therefore, ask them to show you some of the e-commerce websites that they have designed in the past. Go through them check their technical expertise before giving the company your e-commerce web design job.
  •  Client-designer interaction: Adequate and competent communication throughout the process of designing your e-commerce website is very important. It ensures that everything is done according to your specifications. Look for an e-commerce web development company that maintains communication between the designers and the client throughout via email, phone or Skype among other communication tools.
  •  Deadlines: You do not have the whole year to wait for your e-commerce website to be designed. Therefore, look for a company that is conscious about the timeframes of the clients. This is very important because it guarantees you that your e-commerce website will be designed and developed within your schedule.
  •  Cost-estimation: Look for a web design company that gives you a realistic quote and an affordable e-commerce web design service.

By considering these factors, you will find the best web design company to give your e-commerce website development project. You will also get a quality website designed for you within your timeframe.

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30 Mar

Benefits of Selecting Best E-Commerce Development Service

For any modern business to achieve online success, it must enlist e-commerce development services. The internet has made the world more technological and informational. Today, thousands of transactions are done daily through the internet. As such, e-commerce websites and applications are becoming increasingly popular.

As such, having an e-commerce website and effective applications is very important for any contemporary business. Nevertheless, electronic commerce or e-commerce websites are very complex. They have multiple payment means, tax codes, shipping methods and promotional discounts among other features. These features are aimed at eliminating performance problems while enhancing efficiency of online businesses.

Benefits of choosing the best e-commerce web development service There are many companies that offer web development services to online businesses. However, some offer better services than others. As such, you should look for a company that offers the best web development services for your online business. There are many benefits that your business will enjoy once you select the best web development service.

They include:

  •  Development of user-friendly, fully-functional and highly attractive e-commerce website
  •  Development of a site and application that enhances the reach of your business
  •  You get a website that can attract customers through interactive and unique ways
  •  Ability to run unlimited services or product offers via your website
  •  Better optimization which increases traffic
  •  Ability to provide useful information to shoppers or customers with ease
  •  Customers are able to search for products, their specification, pictures and information on your website with ease.
  •  User-friendly features that include calculators, shopping cart, currency support and language among others

Basically, with the right web development service you get an e-commerce that is designed and developed with your business needs in mind. This enhances the operations of your business while giving your customers a better experience.

If you are looking for a web development service for your online business, it is important that you consider the guarantees that different web development companies give you. You should also ask for a portfolio to find out what the company can do for you. This is very important because you most probably have an e-commerce site that you admire. Ask the company if it can develop such a site for you. Also let the company know what exactly you need for your business. This will ensure that the final e-commerce website that you get is customized to suit the unique needs of your business.

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