EStreet respects and understands the need for the protection of your “Personally Identifiable Information” that you share with us. EStreet has established this privacy policy to make you understand that whatever information we collect from our customers will be kept private with us. We will not be sharing the information with any third party websites.

We might collect information during the chat or through various other interactions and also mention how we plan to use it. If you do not agree to the terms of this Policy, please do not provide any such information or use the website.

This privacy policy applies to the information we collect on the website or via any other offline methods like sales calls or business transactions. EStreet never collects information for commercial marketing. We also do not create any personal profiles in an organization using the information provided to us by the client. We also do not share any information with the government agencies if related to them or otherwise required by law.

What kind of personal information may we collect?

Personal information includes any information we use to identify an individual which includes first name, last name, home or business, physical address, phone number or email address. We collect such information when it is voluntarily given to us including and without limitations during inquiries or through our “Contact Us” page, email subscriptions, or business transactions.

In order to make the content more customised, we might also ask about your place of employment, company size, number of employees and industry sector. We might also get access to your information if you send us an inquiry on Careers page for a job listing. We may also store that information provided in regard to such inquiries.

We also offer email subscriptions where one gets information about the online promotion, marketing, and special offers. One can subscribe and manage such emails. When you become a customer of EStreet we retain the right or emailing you about different offers and during occasions.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy term changes from time to time. We encourage all our viewers to take time out and read our Privacy policy. We will notify of any changes made by posting it on the main page. We will mention the “Last Modified” date on the top of the policy.

Information collected for customization and tracking (Cookies)

Cookies are small files in the computer which allows you to remember specific information about the website when you are connected. The computer only shares the information from the cookie and no other website can request it. EStreet will make use of session cookies which lasts only until the user is using the web browser. The cookies close when you close the website.

This information helps us track your preferences and helps us serve you better. But, at no time your private information will be shared with third parties who do not hold a right to that information. If you do not want us to use this information, you can close the browser and EStreet website.

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