App Store Optimization Services

With the increasing use of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and others, reaching different caliber of customers has become extremely easy and challenging at the same time due to competition. Without the right application of tactics that allow you to attract the right audience to your website, the technologically advancement may not avail much. Our advanced expertise in digital marketing has enabled us to direct relevant audience to any desired application so easily and economically through app store optimization.

Our Strategy

EStreet IT solutions is one of the leaders in app store Optimization (ASO). We are not only endowed with unique capability but also go an extra mile to ensure that your app enjoys worldwide recognition. We will optimize your application to make it appear on top of the cherry afloat the cream. We do a thorough research on the target audience understanding, strategies, preferences and technical know-how to come up with the best position. The methodologies we use for optimization automatically distinguish your app from the ordinary thereby giving it the most privileged market eminence.

We employ our vast experience in Search Engine Optimization and a carefully selected and trained team of digital marketing experts who will, with no trace of doubt, give you world class service. Given these pool of talents, we give very competitive prices that enables you to get lucrative returns for your investments. We make sure that the app store is readily noticeable by the right market target with very minimum effort.

Our unique qualifications, in-depth market analysis and keyword research is an assurance that you will get value for your investment by bringing you as many conversions as possible. We consider all the necessary details regardless of the size with the ultimate goal of success of your application. Our team will continuously look at your application critically to identify factors that could be blocking your audience. They then employ best and newest technologies to release customers to your app store.


Designing of the application icons

To attain very high customer interaction we endeavor to always create very catchy and appealing icons. Our innovative team makes this a reality through the use of the most modern technologies.

Helping you by suggesting or carefully selecting the app name

In so many instances customers come up with names of apps according to their family names or their business. This is always ineffective since it does not capture the objective of the app store. Our digital marketing experts come in with the best ways of naming the app by targeting the desired concept. They help you in deciding and choosing an appropriate name that will ensure that your app appears in most the searches done by the end users in the first instance.

Screenshots and description of app stores

We develop very enticing screenshots for brochures, banners and other digital marketing tools with excellent descriptions that appeal to the very need of your customers.

Optimization of the keyword of the app store.

We carry out very extensive marketing research and analysis with a keen eye on the competition. This enables us to understand the keywords preferred by your potential customers. Depending on the volume of the keyword search, we then optimize you application to attract and direct the right target audience for you so that you don’t have to struggle.

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