Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a very powerful digital marketing tool. It puts you online to the audience that is already thirsty for your products and is on the space looking for something to meet their demands. It places your advertisement either at the top, bottom or sideways of the Google list of search results and you have to pay only when somebody clicks on your advertisement.

Google Adwords platform offers different networks like display, mobile and shopping to run ads as per your goals. This is a great platform if the objective is to increase sales or phone calls. In addition, Pay per click advertising also helps to apply effective strategies for optimizing ad campaign. We have dedicated professionals who can manage your ads in a professional manner.

EStreet enthusiastic team believes in quality work. We make sure your product or services are not only present in the cyber space but their presence can be felt. We therefore create excellent AdWords, position them strategically and optimize them in a way that no serious potential traffic fails to be a conversion, better ROI for our clients.


We Make Your Adword Specific

We target unique audience that is dependent on your applications. Generic AdWords do not command any following due to its vagueness. We develop different Ad groups with very specific keywords for different types of inventory or services that you hold. We then write very enticing and compelling Ads for each group within your portfolio.

We Differentiate Your Products From The Competitors

Do you know your Unique Value Proposition? How does your product or services stand out from the others? These are very important questions that one must address if you are to beat the masses. This is exactly why we are here, to help you answer these questions in an amicable way. We have very experienced team in research who will analyze your market and competition so as to bring out, so clearly and distinctively, the Unique Value Preposition you hold. We highlight you UVP in your AdWords so explicitly that it shall bring out something your competitors cannot emulate or offer.

We Are Masters of Keywords

Keyword research is time-consuming but an important task in search engine marketing. Researchers are specific in what they want and therefore it does not matter how catchy or thrilling your Adwords are if they cannot grab the attention of the researchers. Given your product or services, we will conduct a research to establish the most appropriate keywords that will bring your product to the attention of the relevant audience. We make sure your ads meet the search criteria.

We Analyze and Improve Your Campaign

Being a PPC management company, we believe in creating a highly profitable PPC campaign. We do not only setup a campaign for our client but also check its performance on regular basis and optimize it by using bid management and campaign optimization processes. We run A/B testing and manage key factors such as cost per click, cost per acquisition, conversion rate optimization, and ROI etc.

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